Friday, February 02, 2018

Daffy Duck Delightful Swiss: February 8, 15* & 22

3-Round Swiss in Two Sections (Open and U1600).  Game/100;d5.
USCF Rated.  EF:  $5.00.  (One ½ Point Bye Available for any round
(except round four) if requested at least 2-days prior to round).
TD is Wainscott ATD is Grochowski.

NOTE!  On February 15th, we are located at the St. James Church (Parish Building), 7219 S. 27bth Street (south of Rawson), Franklin, WI.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Tasmanian Devil Tornado Action Swiss: February 1

3-Round Swiss in Two Sections (G/25;d5 and G/24;d5).  USCF
Rated.  EF: $5.00.  (½ Point Bye available for only first round if
requested prior to round)  TD is Wainscott; ATD is Grochowski.