How to reach the Tournament Directors:

How to reach the Tournament Directors
Chris Wainscott 414-839-5232
Robin Grochowski 414-861-2745
Allen Becker 414-807-0269

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

April 16 - Action event (3 games, one night; G/20 minutes + 5-second increment)

This week's event - ACTION chess

Game/20 minutes, with 5-second increment

It is a 3-round tournament, starting promptly at 7:00 pm.  Be on time and click the link below to join the event.  It should run until around 9:30 pm.  (You can always "leave" the event if you need to; if you show up late, you can still join, getting a bye for any missed round)

Here is a direct link to the tournament:

(the event is not USCF-rated; it is



(1)  if you aren't a member yet, they offer free/basic membership
      (and other premium memberships).  To sign up for a basic (free) membership, go to:

(2)  if you are already a member, then join the online SWCC club by clicking
       the “Join” button here:


We will try to have a variety of time controls and tournament formats.  Please email to let us know your preferred time controls!   Thanks.