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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Chess Books for Sale by NM Wierzbicki

As a favor to NM Michael Wierzbicki, we are sharing his extensive list of books which he is offering for sale.  He is open to "bundling" a set of books of your choice (e.g. all world champion matches, a particular opening, etc.)

Michael can be reached at wierzbickim (at)

The list:




Abraham, G. (1960). The chess mind. PB

Benko, P., & Hochberg, B. (1991). Winning with chess psychology. PB

Carroll, C. M. (1975). The great chess automaton. PB

Chernev, I. (1960). Chessboard magic. PB

Chess Digest. (1971). Bobby Fischer: His games and openings, 1969 through 1971.  PB

Dickins, A. (1959). A guide to fairy chess. PB

Fine, R. (1961). Psychology of the chess player. PB

Gossip, G. H. D. (1889). Chess.  HC (an instructional book by a famous master from the late-1800s)

Holding, D. H. (1985). The psychology of chess skill. HC

Korn, W. (1978). America’s chess heritage. HC

Krogius, N. (1976).  Psychology in chess. PB

Lasker, Ed. (1962). Chess for fun and chess for blood. PB

Lasker, Ed. (1959). Chess strategy. PB

Lasker, Ed. (1974). Modern chess strategy. PB

Lasker, Em. (1965). Common sense in chess. PB

Pfluger, H., & Treppner, G. (1987). Chess: The mechanics of the mind. PB

Potter, S. (1961). The theory and practice of gamesmanship. PB

Reti, R. (1960). Modern ideas in chess. PB

United States Chess Federation. (1978). Official rules of chess (2nd ed.). PB

White, A. C. (1962). Sam Loyd and his chess problems. PB





Barden, L., Hartston, W., & Keene, R. D. (1973). The King’s Indian defense. PB

Bellin, R. (1983). Trompowski opening and Torre attack. PB

Botterill, G. S. (19??). Pirc-Robatsch defense. Austrian attack (Vol. 1) PB

Botterill G. S. (19??). Pirc-Robatsch defense. Austrian attack (Vol.2) PB

Botvinnik, M., & Estrin. (1980). The Gruenfeld defense. PB

Burgess, G. (1994). Winning with the Smith-Morra gambit. PB

Carlier, B. (1991). Trends in the Sicilian dragon Yugoslav attach. PB

Chandler, M. (1984). The Tarrasch defense 1983-1984. PB

Eales, R. G., & Williams, A. H. (1973). Alekhine’s defense. HC

Ehlvest, J. (1993). The Leningrad Dutch. PB

Fedorowicz, J. (1990). The complete Benko gambit. PB

Gallagher, J. (1989). Developments in the Sicilian: Sveshnikov, 1985-1988. PB

Gallagher, J. (1994). Beating the anti-Sicilians. PB

Gallagher, J. (1994). Trends in the Sicilian Najdorf, Vol. 2. PB

Geller, Y., et al. (1976). The Najdorf variation: Sicilian defense. PB

Gipslis, A. (1972). Theoretical articles on the latest in the Sicilian defense. PB

Gligoric, S. (1975). The French defense. PB

Gligoric, S. (1985). Play the Nimzo-Indian defense.  PB

Harding, T. D., et al. (1974). The Sicilian Sozin. HC

Hartston, W. R. (1971). The Gruenfeld defense. HC

Chess Digest. (1973). Nimzo-Indian defense.  PB

Chess Digest. (1971). Sicilian defense, accelerated fianchetto. PB

Hort, V. (1979). The modern defense. PB

Hosking, T., & Wade, B. (1988). Developments in the Sicilian Najdorf 1985-1987. PB

Jacobs, B. (1995). Winning with the Benko. PB

Karpov, A. (1988). The semi-open game in action. PB

Karpov, A. (1988). The open game in action. PB

Karpov, A. (1989). The closed openings in action. PB

Karpov, A. (1989). The semi-closed openings in action. PB

Kasparov, G., & Nikitin, A. (1983). Sicilian:  . . . e6 and . . . d6 systems. PB

Keene, R. D. (19??). The hyper-accelerated fianchetto. PB

Keene, R. D. (1977). Nimzovitsch/Larsen attack. PB

Keene, R., et al. (1980). Understanding the Caro-Kann defense. PB

King, D. (1993). Winning with the Najdorf. PB

Kovacs, L. M. (1986). Sicilian: Poisoned pawn variation. PB

Kristensen, B. (1990). Trends in the accelerated dragon. PB

Kuligowski, A. (1988). Developments in the French defense. PB

Lane, G. (1992). Winning with the closed Sicilian. PB

Levy, D. N. L. (1972). The Sicilian dragon. HC

Levy, D. N. L. (1975). Sicilian—Accelerated dragons. HC

Martin, A. (1990). Trends in the French Tarrasch. PB

McCormick, G. H., & Soltis, A. (1981. Bird’s defense to the Ruy Lopez. HC

Moiseyev, O., & Ravinsky, G. (1984). Catalan opening. PB

Norwoord, D. (1987). Developments in the modern Benoni, 1983-1986. PB

Nunn, J. (1980). The Pirc for the tournament player. PB

Nunn, J. (1982). The Benoni for the tournament player. PB

Nunn., J., & Stean, M. (1992). Sicilian defense: Najdorf variation. PB

Psakhis, L. (1995). The complete French. PB

Psakhis, L. (1995). The complete Benoni. PB

Povah, N. (1982). English: Four Knights. PB

Ribli, Z., & Kallai, G. (1987). Winning with the Queen’s Indian. PB

Ribli, Z., & Kallai, G. (1992). Winning with the English. PB

Sapi, L., & Schnieder, A. (1990. Sicilian dragon: Classical and Levenfish variations. PB

Schiller, E. (1986). Sicilian: Modern Richter-Rauzer systems.  PB

Silman, J. (1984). Accelerated dragon. PB

Soltis, A. (1982). Double king’s pawn: A quantitative analysis of the opening. HC

Sveshnikov, E. (1989).  The Sicilian Pelikan. PB

Taimanov, M. (1983). Sicilian: Paulsen. PB

Taulbut, S. (1985). Play the Bogo-Indian. PB

Uhlmann, W. (1995). Winning with the French. PB

Wade, R. G. (1986). Developments in the Benko Gambit, 1981-1986. PB

Wade, R. G., Blackstock, L. S., & Booth, P. J. (1970). The closed Ruy Lopez. HC (signed by GM Robert Hubner—why? I received it as a prize after beating him in a simul)

Wade, C., & Wade, B. (1989). Developments in the Sicilian dragon 1984-1988. PB

Ward, C. (1994). Winning with the dragon. PB

Watson, J. L. (1985). Taimanov and knights tour Benoni. PB

Yudovich, M. (1986). Spanish without . . . a6. PB





Chess life. (1988). The best of Chess Life and Review.  PB

Fox, M., & James, R. (1987. The complete chess addict. PB

Hayden. B. (1960). Cabbage heads and chess kings. HC

Horowitz, I. A. (1969). The golden treasury pf chess. HC

Hunvald, H. (1972). Chess quotations from the masters. HC

Lasker, Ed. (1959). The adventure of chess. PB

Sohl, J. (1973). Underhanded chess. PB

Thomas, A. R. B. (1973). Chess for the love of it. PB

Toller, T. (1966). Chess treasury of the air. PB



Game Collections


Alekhine, A. (1965). My best games of chess, 1908-1923. PB

Alekhine, A. (1965). My best games of chess, 1924-1937. PB

Botvinnik, M. (1960). Botvinnik: One hundred selected games. PB

Brady, F. (1965). Profile of a prodigy. The life and games of Bobby Fischer. PB

Brondum, E. (1978). Bent Larsen—the fighter. HC

Clarke, P. H. (1961). Mikhail Tal’s best games of chess. HC

Denker, A. S. (1981). My best chess games, 1929-1976. PB

Fine, R. (1958). A passion for chess. PB

Fine, R. (1977). Fifty chess masterpieces, 1941-1944. PB

Fischer, B. (1969). My 60 memorable games. PB

Gligoric, S., & Wade, R. G. (1972). The world chess championship. PB

Keres, P. (1972). The complete games of Paul Keres. PB

Karpov, A. (1978). My best games. PB

Kasparov, G. (1986). The test of time. PB

Kasparov, G. (1986). Garry Kasparov: New world chess champion PB

Korchnoi, V. (1977). Chess is my life. PB

Marshall, F. J. (1960). Frank J. Marshall’s best games of chess. PB

Reinfeld, F. (1974). The immortal games of Capablanca. PB

Reinfeld, F., & Fine, R. (1963). Lasker’s greatest chess games, 1889-1914. PB

Reshevsky, S. (1960). Reshevsky’s best games of chess. PB

Sergeant, P. W., & Watts, W. H. (1966). Pillsbury’s chess career. PB

Tal, M. (1976). The life and games of Mikhail Tal. PB

Wade, R. G., & O’Connell, K. J. (1972). Robert Fischer’s chess games.  HC

Wilson, F. (1976). Lesser known chess masterpieces: 1906-1915. PB

Winkelman, B. F. (1960). Rubinstein’s chess masterpieces: 100 selected games. PB

Wilson, F. (1975). Classical chess matches, 1907-1913. PB





Alekhine, A. (1962). The Nottingham International Chess tournament. PB

Botvinnick, M. M. (1973). Soviet chess championship, 1941. PB

Bronstein, D. (1979). Zurich International chess tournament, 1953. PB

Cheshire, H. F. (1962). The Hastings chess tournament, 1895. PB

Kashdan, I. (1965). First Piatigorsky Cup. PB

Kashdan, I. (1968). Second Piatigorsky Cup. PB

Lasker, Em. (1971). The international chess congress, St. Petersburg, 1909. PB

Miles, A. J., & Speelman, J. (1979). Riga interzonal, 1979. PB

Nimzovich, A. (1981). Carlsbad international chess tournament, 1929. PB

Wade, R. G., Blackstock, L. S., & Kotov, A, (1974). World championship interzonals. Leningrad, Petropolis 1973. HC

Watts, W. H. (1968). The Hastings international master’s chess tournament, 1922. PB

Watts, W. H. (1968). The London international chess congress, 1922. PB

Kalnajs, A. (1973). Tallinn 1973. PB




Assaic, & O’Connell, O. (1982). Opening preparation. HC

Dvoretsky, M. (1990). Secrets of chess training. PB

Horowitz, I. A. (1961). Chess self-teacher. PB

Karpov, A. (1985). How to learn from your defeats. PB                  

Nimzovich, A. (1930). My system. HC

Nunn, J., & Griffiths, P. (1987). Secrets of grandmaster play. PB

Pickett, L. M. (1975). Enterprising strategy in the opening. PB

Soltis, A. (1975). The art of defense in chess. PB

Suba, M. (1991). Dynamic chess strategy. PB

Timman, J. (1980). The art of chess analysis. PB




Alekhine, A (1971). The world’s chess championship, 1937: Alekhine-Euwe, PB

Kalnajs, A. (1969). Tal—Botvinnick: Return match. PB

Keene, R. (1978). The world chess championship: Korchnoi vs. Karpov. PB         

Keene, R. (1985). The Moscow challenge: Karpov-Kasparov. PB

Keene, R. (1991). Kasparov v Karpov, 1990. PB

Keene, R. (1993). Kasparov-Short, 1993. PB

Keene, R., & Goodman, D. (1986). Maneuvers in Moscow. Karpov-Kasparov II. PB

Keene, R., & Goodman, D. (1986). Centenary match: Karpov-Kasparov III. PB

Keene, R., Goodman, D., & Spanier, D. (1987). Showdown in Seville: Karpov-Kasparov IV. PB

King, D. (1997). Kasparov v Deeper Blue. PB

Levy, D. (1970). The match of the century: USSR v Rest of the world. PB

Tal, M. (1970). Tal-Botvinnik, 1960. Match for the world championship. PB

Winter, W., & Wade, R. G. (1951). The world chess championship, 1951: Botvinnik v. Bronstein. HC





Chernev. I. (1943). Chessboard magic: A collection of 160 brilliant chess endings. PB

Keres, P. (1973). Practical chess endings. PB

Fine, R. (1967). Basic chess endings. PB

Griffiths, P. (1984). Exploring the endgame.  PB

Nunn, J. (1994). Secrets of pawnless endings. PB

Krogius, N. (1973). Notes on the endgame. PB

Brieger, R. (1973). Imagination in the endgame. PB



Correspondence Chess


Berliner, H., & Messere, K. (1971). Correspondence chess world championship. PB

Dunne, A. (1994). Modern postal masterpieces. PB

Warburton, C. W. (1984). My chess adventures. Secrets of a top postal player. PB

Russell, H. W. (1980). Correspondence chess. PB

Estrin, Y. (1978). The United States correspondence chess championship. PB



Chess Magazines for Sale


Chess (1985, # 963-964) (1986, # 971-972, 987-988, 995-996) (1988, No. 1016)

British Chess Magazine (1987, Dec.) (1988, Feb., May) (1989, Feb.) (1990, Apr.)

Blitz Chess (1988, May-June) (1989, Jan-Feb)

The Chess Connection (1989, July-Aug)

Pergamon Chess (1988, June, Dec.)

Program, World Chess Championship, London 1986.

Illinois Chess Bulletin (1972, July) (1973, Aug) (1990, Sept-Oct, Nov-Dec) (1991, Mar-Apr, May-June, Sept-Oct, Nov-Dec) (1992), Jan-Feb, Mar-Apr, Nov-Dec) (1993, Jan-Feb)

Chess International (1989 Mar-June)

Westward Ho! (Bulletin of the West of England Chess Union (1985, Aug)

Inside Chess (1989, Apr. 17) (1988, Apr. 3, Apr 20, Oct 23) (1990, Jan 22, Feb 19, Mar 5, Apr 30, Apr 30, May 28)

The Chess Correspondent (1989, # 1-10) (1990, # 1-10) (1991, # 2-6) (1992, # 1-6) (1993, # 1-6) (1994, # 1-2)