Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Veterans Tournament and WI Junior Open, Oshkosh 7-8 November

158 Players in all Click for USCF Results
Dusan Tutush (Illinois) defeated Anthony Parker on Board 1 in the final round to win the Veterans tournament (4.5/5.0). Coming in 2nd with 4.0 points were Parker, Richard Martin III, and Wade Christensen (Senior Champion). 39 players in the Veterans section.
Board 1, Round 5:Senior Champ, Wade Christensen:


Robin said...

Myself, Allen Becker, and Jim Coons will be playing in the Veterans, while Andrew will be playing in the Junior Open.

Who else is going to Oshkosh?

Should be a nice tournament!

Jerry said...

I'm going.

Anonymous said...

All those good players under age 21can't play in the Veterans. That is a big relief to the old guys. Good Luck "old guys".

Robin said...

Yes, us old guys need all the help we can get!:)

Anonymous said...

Any reports form Oshkosh?

Southwest Chess Club said...

In the Vets, Parker was on Board 1 in Rd 3, probably going to be 3-0. Becker drew with Wagner on Board 2, so I'm 2.5/3. Other players from the club are Robin (2/3), Jim Coons (1.5/3), Hayes (W/D after Rd 1).

In the Junior, Andrew is 5th seed, and is 3/3 (five people have perfect scores going into Round 4).

More reports tomorrow...long tough day (for the old geezers here!).


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

More updates from Oshkosh?

Robin said...

Congratulations to Dusan Tutush for winning the tournament. I guess my draw with Dusan in round 2 did not slow him down!:)

And congratulations to Wade for winning the “Old Man” trophy!:) I was on my way to winning it, but got stopped by Richard Martin in round 5.

Anonymous said...
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