Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Melting Ice Action IV

Melting Ice Action IV: April 1
3-Round Swiss in Two Sections (G/30 Minutes and G/29
Minutes). USCF Rated. EF: $5. (½-Point Bye
available for only first round if requested prior to
round) TD is Fogec; ATD is Grochowski.


Robin said...

G/29 or G/30 -- requires lightning fast reflexes and a quick mind!! Should be a lot of fun. Both myself and Andrew will be playing in the G/29 section.

Anonymous said...

The quest for the Golden Knight continues in Milwaukee this Thursday night at the Southwest Chess Club. I have been on the quest to capture the elusive Golden Knight for many decades now. So the rumor that it will show up at this small chess club in Milwaukee this Thursday cannot be ignored, and I must show up and be ready in case it makes an appearance.

“The Knight Slayer”

Anonymous said...

Is this the same as a Sagunsky Knight?

Anonymous said...

Congrats Jerry Zhou for winning the G30 section.

-Matt Waller

Tom said...

Congratulations to Andrew Grochowski who won the G29 Section with a perfect 3-0 score and to Jerry Zhou who won the G30 Section, also with a perfect 3-0 score. Right behind Jerry at 2.5 points were National Master Bill Williams and Expert Matt Waller, who drew in their last round encounter.