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How to reach the Tournament Directors
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blossoming Flower Power Swiss

Blossoming Flower Power Swiss: April 15, 22 & 29
3-Round Swiss in Two Sections (Open and U1600). Game/100 minutes. USCF Rated. EF: $5.00. (One ½ Point Bye Available for any round (except round three) if requested at least 2-days prior to round). TD is Grochowski; ATD is Fogec.


Robin said...

Registration is 6:30 - 6:55, with Round 1 starting at 7:00. We already have 1 master and 3 experts who have indicated they will play. Come on out for some Thursday night chess. Thanks.

Robin said...

Results and totals in the Open Section after Round 1:

Becker, A (2030) W10 1.0
Hendrickson (1907) W11 1.0
Mhaskar (1744) W8 1.0
Sagunsky (1656) W9 1.0
Fogec (1631) -B- 1.0
Grochowski,A(1812) D7 0.5
Pokorski (1694) D6 0.5
Williams (2200) L3 0.0
Hildeman (1759) L4 0.0
Grochowski,R(1742) L1 0.0
Coons (1716) L2 0.0

Robin said...

Results and totals in the Reserve Section after Round 1:

Hegelmeyer (1504) W7 1.0
Kleman (1470) W8 1.0
McKee (1410) W9 1.0
Burgin (507) -B- 1.0
Robinson (nnnn) W6 1.0
Vootkur,S (817) L5 0.0
Vootkur,M (741) L1 0.0
Sankrithi (738) L2 0.0
Punati (530) L3 0.0

Robin said...

Tentative Round 2 Pairings in Open Section:

Sagunsky(1656) v Hendrickson(1907)
Mhaskar(1744) v Fogec(1631)
Williams(2200) v Pokorski(1694)
Grochowski,R(1742) v Hildeman(1759)
Coons(1716) Please Wait

Robin said...

Tentative Round 2 Pairings in Reserve Section:

McKee(1410) v Hegelmeyer(1504)
Kleman(1470) v Robinson(nnnn)
Vootkur,S(817) v Burgin(507)
Vootkur,M(741) v Sankrithi(738)
Punati(530) Please Wait

Robin said...

Allen Becker and Andrew Grochowski have 1/2-point byes in the Open Section in Round 2.

Anonymous said...

I prediction at least 2 upsets in Open.

Unknown said...

"I prediction at least 2 upsets in Open." -Anonymous.........

Maybe this should be a lesson to all anonymous posters. You should either (1) correct your spelling and post with your name, or (2) Don't post at all.

J.Z. said...

That would be grammar.

Robin said...

Open Section Results:

Sagunsky v Hendrickson 1/2-1/2
Mhaskar v Fogec 1-0
Williams v Pokorski 1-0
Grochowski,R v Hildeman 1-0

Reserve Section Results:

McKee v Hegelmeyer 1-0
Kleman v Robinson 0-1
Burgin v Sankrithi 0-1

Robin said...

Round 3 pairings (tentative) for Open Section:

Hendrickson(1907) v Mhaskar(1744)
Becker(2030) v Sagunsky(1656)
Grochowski,A(1812) v Williams(2200)
Coons(1716) v Grochowski,R(1742)
Fogec(1631) v Pokorski(1694)
Hildeman (1759) Please Wait

Robin said...

Round 3 pairings (tentative) for Reserve Section:

Robinson(nnnn) v McKee(1410)
Hegelmeyer(1504) v Sankrithi(738)
Punati(530) v Kleman(1470)
Vootkur,S(817) v Burgin(507)
Vootkur, M (741) Please Wait

Anonymous said...

Are these ratings right since I thought Coons was an Class A player.

Anonymous said...

I think they are correct. You are right. Coons was an A class player. Currently he is not.

Robin said...

Open Section Results:
Hendrickson v Mhaskar 1-0
Becker v Sagunsky 1-0
Grochowski,A v Williams 0-1
Coons v Grochowski,R 1-0
Fogec v Pokorski 0-1