How to reach the Tournament Directors:

How to reach the Tournament Directors
Chris Wainscott 414-839-5232
Robin Grochowski 414-861-2745
Allen Becker 414-807-0269

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Heatwave Action III: June 3

3-Round Swiss in Two Sections (G/30 Minutes and G/29 Minutes). USCF Rated.
EF: $5. (½-Point Bye available for only first round if requested prior to round)
TD is Becker; ATD is Grochowski.


Robin said...

Three games of chess in one night!!! It doesn’t get much better than that!:) Play G/29: only counts toward one’s quick rating; also, one does not have to keep score. Play G/30: it is dual rated (counts toward both regular rating and quick rating), but one does has to keep score.

Robin said...

Becker and Ireland tie for first in the G/30 section, and Grochowski and Hendrickson tie for first in the G29 section. The tournament is rated.