Friday, August 20, 2010

End of Summer Dog Days Quad - Aug 26, Sep 2, 9

End of Summer Dog Days Quad
August 26, & September 2 & 9

3-Round “Round-Robin” (a “Quad”).   Four chess players to a Quad.  Game/90 minutes.  
USCF Rated.  EF: $5.  TD is Grochowski; ATD is Fogec


Anonymous said...

Any results?

Robin said...

Round 1:
Cardenas v. Grochowski, R. 1-0
Waller v. Williams 1-0
Coons v. Sagunsky 1/2
Hildeman v. Ireland 0-1
Pokorski v. Chua 0-1
Monosov v. Demler 1-0
Joachim v. Jester 1-0
Grochowski, A. v. Punati 1-0

Round 2 pairings:
Williams v. Cardenas
Grochowski, R. v. Waller
Ireland v. Coons
Sagunsky v. Hildeman

Chua v. Joachim
Pokorski v. Monosov
Demler v. Jester
Punati (bye - please wait

Robin said...

The tentative pairings group is a Swiss instead of a quad do to an odd number of players.

Robin said...

Results of round 2:
Williams v. Cardenas 0F-1F
Grochowski, R. v. Waller 1/2
Ireland v. Coons 0-1
Sagunsky v. Hildeman 1-0

Chua v. Joachim 0-1
Pokorski v. Monosov 1-0
Demler v. Jester 1-0

Robin said...

Round 3 pairings:
Cardenas v. Waller
Williams v. Grochowski, R.
Coons v. Hildeman
Ireland v. Sagunsky

Joachim v. Jokorski
Chua v. Demler
Monosov v. Punati
Jester (bye - please wait

Robin said...

First quad winner: Cardenas
Second quad winner: Ireland
Swiss winner: Joachim

Congratulations to the winners!