Monday, September 13, 2010

Colored Leaves Rattle the Pawns Blitz II --Sept. 16

Multi-Round (Round-Robin) in One or more Sections
(depending on number of players). Game/5 minutes.
USCF Quick-Rated. EF: $5. TD is Fogec; ATD is Grochowski


Anonymous said...

There are rumors that there will be at least two masters in attendance!

Anonymous said...

It's always great when Master Williams plays

Preachrboy said...

I plan to come up from Racine. But I'm no master.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, get around, round, round, I get around
Here they come from all over the world
Here they come from all over the world
You know the chess is groovin' so keep it all movin

Tom said...

Nolan Hendrickson won the Blitz with 10 points, followed by John Veech with 9 and David Cardenas with 8.