Saturday, November 06, 2010

Wisconsin Veterans and Juniors Tournament - Oshkosh, Nov 6-7

Nov. 6-7   WCA Veteran's Tournament  and   2010-2011 Wisconsin Junior Open

There were 3 groups:  
Veterans: 34 players, 1st NM Jeff Cooper, 2nd Allen Becker
Junior Open:  61 players,  =1st: Matthias Melcher, Brady Harder, Suhas Kodali
Junior/Beginners:  71 players, 1st: Hadi Najeeb

Please submit photos and any news to me, and I'll post to this section!

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Last year's Wisconsin Senior Champion, Wade Christensen, congratulating 2010 Wisconsin Senior Champion, NM Jeff Cooper: 


Robin said...

I will be playing in the Veterans, along with Allen Becker and Tom Fogec from the Southwest Chess Club. I always look forward to this one tournament per year where I do not have to face an expert who is 7 years old!:)

Anonymous said...

Do the junior or the vets get more players. Also, if my 21 birthday is on November 7, can I choose which one to play in.

JB said...

If your 21st Birthday is Nov. 7th what the heck are you doing at a chess tournament? :)

Anonymous said...

History of Oshkosh Name:

The city was named in honor of Chief Oshkosh, who became the leader of the Menomonies at the age of 32. During his lifetime, he did much to promote good feelings between the settlers and his people.

Note: In 1926, his remains were moved to their final place of rest at the foot of a large monument dedicated to him in Menominee Park. Over the remains of the old chief, was placed a granite slab bearing the inscription, "Chief Oshkosh, 1795-1858. A man of peace beloved by all".