Wednesday, December 08, 2010



International Chess Tournament in FOUR sections.

**Early EF deadline for Individual sections extended to December 10th**

OPEN Section: $2,900 in prizes; 5 rounds; games on 12/28 (eve), 12/29, 12/30
SCHOLASTIC rated: lots of trophies (individual based on age and team/club); 5 rounds; games on 12/28 (eve), 12/29, 12/30
SCHOLASTIC unrated: lots of trophies (individual based on age and team/club); 4 rounds; ONE DAY on 12/29
BLITZ: $1,500 in prizes (based on 80); 10 rounds; games on 12/28 in the evening

Also: Intercollegiate Team championships will be held on 12/27-30. Play next to the top players of the American continent, many GMs will be present!


Jan said...

Hi Everyone!

Jan Newton, who cannot play chess to save her life, here. Susan Polgar posted at my blog last night that she would be here for the Pan American Collegiate Team Chess Championships Dec 27 -30 at the Crowne Point Hotel. I assume she will be here with her Texas Tech Team - can anyone confirm this? I would like to know what teams are playing, and who has signed up for the Scholastic Section, the Individual Open, and the Individual Blitz.

Perhaps I am looking in the wrong place, but I was not able to locate any information on sign-ups at the Wisconsin Chess Academy's new website.


Alex Betaneli said...

Hi Jan,

Indeed Susan Polgar will be in Milwaukee with her Texas Tech teams (three total!). We have about 25 teams so far (many Grandmasters and players with lesser titles), plus some entries in the Open and Scholastic sections. The reason we have not posted pre-entries yet is that the deadline for individual events has been extended to December 10th. So the list will appear by the middle of next week.

Anonymous said...


How come you haven't posted pre-entries on Wisconsin Chess Academy site?

It is the 14th already

Alex Betaneli said...

Webmaster is stuck in Berlin without internet access. Should be done by Friday though.

Anonymous said...

December 28th, 8:30pm
Prizes ($1,500 b/80)
1st $500
2nd $250
$750 in class prizes
EF: $25
Format: 5 double round swiss (two games against each opponent for a total of 10 games)
Time Control: 4 minutes per player, 2 second delay
Touch Move: no touch move used, move is complete when the clock is pressed (“clock move”)
Illegal Move: 1st violation=30 seconds added to opponent’s clock, 2nd violation=loss of the game
Ratings: regular USCF ratings are used for pairings and prizes, but only quick ratings are affected by this event

Alex Betaneli said...


Yermolinsky Alex 2571
Santarius Erik 2338
Johnson Frank 2278
Aaron Deepak 2250
Acosta Mariano 2200
Amarasinghe Prashantha 2174
Tang Andrew 2087
Pan Hongkai 2034
Hodina James 1989
Sachs Derek 1918
Hoffman Guy 1907
Sergatskov Dmitri 1903
Gomez Augustin 1900
Zhou Jerry 1884
Virkud Apurva 1881
Jing Aaron 1876
Girardo Christopher 1876
Zuo Vance 1865
Bian Alex 1847
Liang Awonder 1842
Zhang Jiahua 1841
Mhaskar Rohan 1819
Thomas Tyler 1816
Kodali Suhas 1816
Grochowski Robin 1789
Grochowski Andrew 1756
Wang Roger 1689
Ravi Saisree 1651
Sun Abe 1642
Baumann Eli 1631
Smith Jordan 1626
Suri Shiva 1622
Spinello Ben 1588
Archer W.H. 1580
Liang Adream 1533
Shi Tinglin 1521
White James 1514
Pahl Sandy 1494
Murali Anjana 1477
James Nikhil 1471
Chua Zachary 1469
Vander Hill Henry 1394
Benetz Tony 1386
Thomas Ryan 1379
Tan Jonathan 1351
Savoie Matthew 1287
Alba-Jimenez Noe 1262
Shelobolin Filipp 1243
Hummel Daniel 1151
Kaczmarek Daniel 1146
Kandukuri Suraj 1120
Jin Suhong 1072
Marchert James 1062
Buck Finn 967
Yoon David 782

Alex Betaneli said...


Xu Boris 1858
Murali Anjana 1477
Tripuraneni Ranadheer 1212
Li Frank 1106
Alba-Jimenez Sandra 955
Orland Mark 895
Bane Bradley 872
Liang Able 834
Wong Matthias 789
Diem II Jim 781
Hummel Joshua 778
Jing Daniel 725
Hummel Caleb 700
Wong Chloe 631
Alba-Jimenez Ricardo 446
Denneau Dan

Alex Betaneli said...


Loomer Xavier 993
Visconti Michael 707
Chen Kevin 453
Maly Zach 430
Spitz Owen 279
Spitz Mason 142
Zhang Jenny 125
Visconti Ele 108
Thome Kyle
Kuchenbecker Kayleb
Fujimoto Andrew
Murali Ananya
Johnson Steven

Alex Betaneli said...


University of Texas,Brownsville-A 2612
Univeristy of Maryland, Baltimore-A 2585
University of Texas, Dallas-A 2561
Texas Tech University-A 2526
University of Texas, Dallas-B 2284
University of Maryland, Baltimore-B 2280
University of Texas, Brownsville-B 2247
Stanford University 2211
Washington University-Saint Louis 2069
University of Toronto-A 2031
University of Texas, Dallas-C 2029
University of Chicago 1983
Miami Dade College 1967
Texas Tech University-B 1951
University of Central Florida-A 1902
Arizona State University 1883
University of Minnesota 1860
University of Toronto-B 1834
Texas Tech University-C 1775
Brown University 1773
Yale University 1672
University of Maryland, College Park-B 1621
University of Maryland, College Park-A 1614
Reed College (OR) 1597
Florida Atlantic University 1300
University of Central Florida-B 1201
Madison Area Technical College (WI) 1100
Montgomery College (MR)

Alex Betaneli said...


University of Texas,Brownsville-A
Gareyev, Timur
Bachmann, Alex
Flores, Mauricio
Cornejo, Max

University of Texas, Brownsville-B
Almedia, Alfonso
Oritz, Nadya
Morales, Luciana
Gracia, Arturo

University of Chicago
Kane, Jeremy
Mei, Mike
Rand, Steven
Francus, Michael

University of Toronto-A
Cheng, Bindi
Peng, David
Xu, Haizhou
Perelman, Leon

University of Toronto-B
Kim, Bill
Kleinman, Robert
Davidson, Benjamin
George, William

Texas Tech University-A
Kuljasevic, Davorin
Diamant, Andre
Bykhovsky, Anatoly
Sipos, Istvan
Watters, Chase

Texas Tech University-B
Flores, John
Lelko, Rebecca
Cassidy, Brian
Osbourn, Josh

Texas Tech University-C
Haskin, Zachary
Kamphorst, Maraani
James, Brett
Roy, Ananya

University of Minnesota
Fellman, Mike
Adams, Zach
Strugnell, Neil
Rachabattuni, Chitanya

Stanford University
Schwarz, Daniel
Aradhyula, Vaishnav
De Sa, Chris
Bowman, Joshua

Madison Area Technical College (WI)
Swedlow, RJ
Dziedzic, Matt
Rodenkirch, Ryan
Schott, Dan

University of Maryland, College Park-A
Schoch, Ian
Ulrich, Douglas
Leikin, Alexander
Kugel, Stan

University of Maryland, College Park-B
Low, Scott
Yasutake, Ed
Deane, Brian
Brule, Joshua

University of Texas, Dallas-B

Hughes, Tyler
Safin, Artur
Lopez, Nelson

University of Texas, Dallas-A
Ramirez, Alejandro
Zivanic, Marko
Chirila, Cristian
Bercys, Salvijus
Wang, Puchen rating: 2568
Sadorra, Julio rating: 2495

University of Texas, Dallas-C
Zorigt, Bayaraa
Vazirova, Karina
Jamison, Courtney
English, Rheanna

Yale University

Florida Atlantic University
Psederschi, Doinitsa
Samimi, Shahab
Fer Faviero, Guiherme Brasil

Miami Dade College
Villafuerte, Alexander
Luna II, Gilb
Quesada, Maydelis
Leon, Michel
Ramirez, Robert rating: 918
Ramos, Yunier unrated

Reed College (OR)
Robinson, Marcus
Bailey, Taylor
Poon, Jeffrey
Baur, Alan

University of Central Florida-A
Keller, Jeremy
Bauer, Philip
Green, Andrew
Miniello, Jonathan

University of Central Florida-B
Hause, Artem
Lane, Matt
Lusk, Jack
Kirksley, Bradley

Brown University
Thaler, Michael
Poggi, Jonathan
Moraff, Danny
Sagalchik, Caroline
Johnsen-Harris, Bart rating: 794

Univeristy of Maryland, Baltimore-A
Kritz, Leonid
Erenburg, Sergey
Margvelashvili, Giorgi
Kaplan, Sasha

University of Maryland, Baltimore-B
Foisor, Sabina
Kahn, Aaron
Balasubramanian, Adithya
Selzler, Richard
Krause, Benjamin
Moorthy, Srinivas

Arizona State University
Widener, Andrew
Green, Jeffrey
Birberick, Richard
Cullen, Dean
Semmens, Jefferson

Washington University-Saint Louis
Ruan, Gordon
Kasiurak, Zach
Karlow, Nick
McCain, Lucas

Montgomery College (MR)
no final list yet

Jan said...

Alex, thanks so much for the additional info. I am putting together a blog post and coordinating a special announcement with the Goddesschess webmaster to be published at the Goddesschess website for this "in Wisconsin" event.

Have been in contact with Susan Polgar re 2010 Pan American Intercollegiate Championships. I'm so happy to see SP in my hometown. Goddesschess has arranged some nice "treats" for the Texas Tech contingent and some financial "extras" as well for TT players who do well in this event.

We need more events like this in Wisconsin. Many of the people who read this blog may not be old enough to remember, but back in the '50's Wisconsin and Milwaukee, in particular, was a prime destination for great chess events. Wouldn't it be wonderful to put Milwaukee, WI back on the chess map again.

Anonymous said...

I agree and very much appreciate what Alex and co, along with the events put on by SWCC, are doing for chess in Wisconsin. See you guys at the Pan Am.

-Matt Waller

Alex Betaneli said...

A team from Jamaica is coming and the Open section is up to 59 people!

Jan said...

59 players thus far is a great turn-out for the Open, and maybe they'll be some day-of registrations. I'm so happy to see local players supporting the event. I recognized many of the names from the Hales Corners Chess Challenges and the Wisconsin players list. Will anyone be able to challenge GM Yermolinsky??? Good luck to everyone, particularly the chess femmes :)

Jan said...

What happens if teams and/or members can't make it to Milwaukee because they're stuck on the east coast - NYC airports are still closed, for instance. From what I understand, the entire eastern seaborad got hammered with that blizzard/storm.

Alex Betaneli said...

Nothing tragic: we will give byes. However, only a couple players (not even teams!) as stuck as of now, so it is not a major concern.

Jan said...

That's great news.

Alex Betaneli said...

Open Section has two more titled players much higher rated than Erik Santarius now!

Alex Betaneli said...

TEAM EVENT: 28 teams
OPEN: 85
Please see for all results and standings.

Tom said...

Thank you to Alex for bringing quality tournaments to Wisconsin. The turnout for the various sections that were part of the Pan American and the strength of the players was very impressive !!

Anonymous said...

Great holiday tournament results for WI players! Santarius ties for first at the Pan Am's and Veech is WI's newest master following a nice performance in Vegas.

Matt Waller

Alex Betaneli said...

Congrats to Matt too: a draw against a GM, positioning himself for playing for first place in the last round!

Anonymous said...