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How to reach the Tournament Directors
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Friday, March 04, 2011

30th Waukesha Memorial, March 26, 2011

Waukesha Memorial (30th Annual) and also Rated Beginners Open (RBO) 4SS. G/60. Dual rated. Comfort Suites Hotel, Exit 294, I-94 and WI 164, Pewaukee, WI. $$Non-monetary, traveling trophy to First, books for class winners. Open to all. EF: $15 ($12 by 3/25). Reg.: 9:00-9:45, Rds.: 10:00;1:00;3:30;6:00. Mail entries to Waukesha CC. 1911 Stardust DR, Waukesha, WI 53186. Info: Jim Nickell (262) 544-6266,

Rated Beginners Open (RBO): Open to players rated under 1200 or unrated. Prizes: Trophy to first, book prizes for class winners. EF: $15 ($12 by 3/25). Reg.: 9:00-9:45, Rds.: 10:00;1:00;3:30;6:00.


Robin said...

This is a Wisconsin Tour Event.

Chris said...

I'll be there!

Anonymous said...

30th?? That would have been 1981. Who played in the first one? What were you doing the last weekend of March, 1981?

Robin said...
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Robin said...

Advanced Entries as of 3/25/11:
Williams, William P. 2200
Becker, Allen J. 2031
Jin, David 2007
Murphy, Robert Lee 1971
Hoffman, Guy G. 1928
Wagner, John,Jr. 1900
Jing, Aaron C. 1898
Liang, Awonder 1896
Bruch, Robert M. 1854
Christensen, Wade 1826
Coons, James J. 1769
Grochowski, Robin J. 1765
Sagunsky, David L. 1668
Carerros, Charles 1665
Liang, Adream 1638
Dreuth, Adam W 1542
Corcoran, Benjamin 1505
Shi, Tinglin 1490
Swedlow, R. J. 1488
James, Nikhil 1479
Kosterman, Dennis J. 1470
Lancour, David T. 1450
Pahl, Sandra R. 1398
Gallenberg, Bob 1389
Alexander, George 1347
Holmes, Russ 1316
Bevans, Paul Jr. 1252

Robin said...

So there was a 5-way tie for first between David Jin, Aaron Jing, Awonder Liang, Robert Murphy and Bill Williams, who all scored 3.5. Congratulations to all of them.