How to reach the Tournament Directors:

How to reach the Tournament Directors
Chris Wainscott 414-839-5232
Robin Grochowski 414-861-2745
Allen Becker 414-807-0269

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer Around-the-Corner Round-Robin

Summer Around-the-Corner Round-Robin
May 19, 26, & June 2
3-Round “Round-Robin” (a “Quad”). Four chess players to
a Quad. Game/90 minutes. USCF Rated. EF: $5.00. TD is Grochowski.


Robin said...

This event will feature: “David’s Best Game Prize” There will be a $5.00 "Best Game" prize for the Summer Around-the-Corner Round-Robin tournament, which will be awarded by David Dathe. This prize will be awarded for the most interesting game played in the tournament. Mr. Dathe will be the judge of any games submitted. All tournament players are encouraged to submit a game. Please submit the game to the TD. The game needs to be legible (readable) so the game can be properly analyzed. All games need to be turned in by the end of the tournament.

Chris said...

Also, if anyone is interested in checking out a book or dvd please let me know and I'll bring it for you Thursday. Either post here or email me at

Chris said...

Is anyone planning on going to the FIDE tournament in Chicago on 7/01-7/04?

I'm trying to find out if anyone is interested in sharing costs.