Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hales Corners Challenge XIV

USCF Grand Prix Points: 10.
October 22, 2011, Wyndham Milwaukee Airport Hotel

1st-2nd:  Erik Santarius, Navin Sawalani
1st A:   Rohan Mhaskar
1st B:   Avinash Rajendra

1st Place: Brian MacLeish
2nd/D tie: 
Michael Shefski, Daniel Kazmarek, Gary Wright, Greg Reese Sr, 
Mitchel Anderson, Sandra Pahl, Susanna Ulrich
E:   Xavier Loomer, Marqis McVicker

Goddesschess prizes for top-scoring women:
Open Section:  Each victory earns $40; each draw earns $20;
plus top-scoring female wins free entry to Hales Corners Challenge XV (April 21, 2012):
Rachel Ulrich wins free entry to HCC XV!

Reserve Section: 
Top-scoring female wins free entry to Hales Corners Challenge XV (April 21, 2012):
Sandra Pahl wins free entry to HCC XV!

                                         Round 4, view of Open Section
                                                   Round 4, Boards 2 & 3
                                         Round 4, Board 5
                                         Board 1, last round (draw)
                                         Reserve Section, Rd 4

No.    Name                         St Rate Rd 1  Rd 2  Rd 3  Rd 4  Score

   1. Santarius, Erik (1)...........  WI 2381 W30   W29   W5    D3      3.5
   2. Sawalani, Navin (5)...........  WI 2249 D19   W14   W11   W10     3.5

   3. Stamnov, Aleksanda (3)........  IL 2273 W18   D7    W8    D1      3.0
   4. Zin, Aung Thant (4)...........  IL 2257 W13   L10   W22   W9      3.0
   5. Parker, Anthony L (6).........  WI 2226 W38   W12   L1    W19     3.0
   6. Williams, William (7).........  WI 2200 L39   W40   W34   W21     3.0
   7. Harder, Brady R (10)..........  WI 2038 W44   D3    D24   W26     3.0
   8. Rajendra, Avinash (27)........  WI 1753 W28   W21   L3    W17     3.0

   9. Betaneli, Alex (2)............  WI 2314 -X-   W39   D10   L4      2.5
  10. Smail, Benedict A (9).........  WI 2125 W31   W4    D9    L2      2.5
  11. Jing, Aaron (12)..............  WI 2000 -H-   W23   L2    W33     2.5
  12. Becker, Allen J (11)..........  WI 2000 W32   L5    D14   W27     2.5
  13. Mhaskar, Rohan (17)...........  WI 1875 L4    W27   D35   W34     2.5
  14. Ulrich, Rachel J (29).........  WI 1721 W41   L2    D12   W37     2.5
  15. Wainscott, Chris (33).........  WI 1659 -H-   D32   D18   W30     2.5
  16. Corcoran, Benjamin (38).......  WI 1586 -H-   L22   W44   W31     2.5

  17. Van Scyoc, David V (15).......  WI 1937 -H-   D34   W40   L8      2.0
  18. Hoffman, Guy G (16)...........  WI 1905 L3    W25   D15   D23     2.0
  19. Thomas, Tyler Stev (18).......  WI 1857 D2    D44   W25   L5      2.0
  20. Grochowski, Andrew (21).......  WI 1836 L29   L31   W36   W35     2.0
  21. Joachim, Peter Jam (25).......  WI 1782 W26   L8    W42   L6      2.0
  22. Coons, James Jay (26).........  WI 1754 L27   W16   L4    W43     2.0
  23. Franek, Martin Joh (30).......  IL 1715 W36   L11   D29   D18     2.0
  24. Smith, Jordan A (32)..........  WI 1693 W37   D30   D7    -N-     2.0
  25. Rajendra, Anupama (35)........  WI 1611 W43   L18   L19   W38     2.0
  26. Hernandez, Joseph (36)........  WI 1603 L21   W46   W39   L7      2.0
  27. Myaskovsky, Dmitry (37).......  WI 1599 W22   L13   W38   L12     2.0
  28. Campbell, John Ser (39).......  WI 1579 L8    L37   W46   W40     2.0

  29. Waller, Matthew (8)...........  WI 2163 W20   L1    D23   -U-     1.5
  30. Both, Robert K (13)...........  WI 1972 L1    D24   W43   L15     1.5
  31. Sun, Abe (22).................  IL 1814 L10   W20   D37   L16     1.5
  32. Gawron, John (24).............  IL 1798 L12   D15   L33   W42     1.5
  33. Pokorski, Jeffrey (28)........  WI 1735 L35   D36   W32   L11     1.5
  34. Cai, Yuanqi (34)..............  WI 1620 W42   D17   L6    L13     1.5
  35. Thomas, Ryan Andre (40).......  WI 1517 W33   L38   D13   L20     1.5
  36. Bevans Jr, Paul Wa (42).......  WI 1490 L23   D33   L20   W46     1.5
  37. Shelobolin, Filipp (44).......  WI 1325 L24   W28   D31   L14     1.5

  38. Reese Jr, Gregory (19)........  WI 1842 L5    W35   L27   L25     1.0
  39. Bruch, Robert M (20)..........  WI 1837 W6    L9    L26   -N-     1.0
  40. Sagunsky, David L (31)........  WI 1698 W46   L6    L17   L28     1.0
  41. Murtaugh, Wiliam (41).........  WI 1491 L14   L43   -B-   -N-     1.0
  42. Shi, Qingde (45)..............  WI 1317 L34   W47   L21   L32     1.0
  43. Karimikonda, Teja (46)........  WI 1242 L25   W41   L30   L22     1.0

  44. Schladweiler, Matt (23).......  WI 1808 L7    D19   L16   -U-     0.5

  45. Cardenas, David R (14)........  WI 1968 -F-   -U-   -U-   -U-     0.0
  46. De Vogel, David (43)..........  WI 1460 L40   L26   L28   L36     0.0
  47. Ulrich, Anne E (47)...........  WI  182 -N-   L42   -N-   -N-     0.0

   1. MacLeish, Brian (3)...........  WI 1568 W29   W25   D3    W10     3.5

   2. Shefsky, Michael W (1)........  WI 1586 L14   W26   W30   W12     3.0
   3. Kaczmarek, Daniel (7).........  WI 1467 W17   W23   D1    D6      3.0
   4. Wright, Gary M (9)............  WI 1395 W30   L11   W27   W16     3.0
   5. Reese Sr, Gregory (11)........  WI 1383 L23   W27   W28   W18     3.0
   6. Andersson, Mitchel (13).......  WI 1358 W37   W24   D11   D3      3.0
   7. Pahl, Sandra R (14)...........  WI 1342 L11   W28   W20   W13     3.0
   8. Ulrich, Susanna G (18)........  WI 1279 L25   W17   W21   W14     3.0
   9. Loomer, Xavier Mar (21).......  WI 1182 L21   W36   W24   W23     3.0
  10. McVicker, Marqis (37).........  WI nnnn W20   W15   W13   L1      3.0

  11. Mohammed, Sarfaraz (4)........  WI 1546 W7    W4    D6    -U-     2.5
  12. Hall, Jay Roy (26)............  WI 1006 W36   W29   D19   L2      2.5

  13. Padilla, Rudy R (5)...........  IL 1509 W15   W14   L10   L7      2.0
  14. Jester, James Will (10).......  WI 1386 W2    L13   W31   L8      2.0
  15. Huang, Alena (15).............  WI 1335 L13   L10   W35   W31     2.0
  16. Holmes, Russ (16).............  WI 1302 L24   W21   W22   L4      2.0
  17. Windsor, Charles B (17).......  WI 1300 L3    L8    W36   W32     2.0
  18. Murali, Anjana (22)...........  WI 1169 -H-   D22   W25   L5      2.0
  19. Vadapally, Prahlad (24).......  WI 1049 D22   W34   D12   -N-     2.0
  20. Huang, Sabrina (27)...........  WI  914 L10   W35   L7    W29     2.0
  21. Shi, Stephen (29).............  WI  823 W9    L16   L8    W30     2.0
  22. Mehta, Moulik (32)............  WI  672 D19   D18   L16   W34     2.0

  23. Dreuth, Adam Willi (2)........  WI 1572 W5    L3    D26   L9      1.5
  24. Etzel, Steven W (6)...........  WI 1504 W16   L6    L9    D27     1.5
  25. Ziehms, Stephen Al (8)........  WI 1430 W8    L1    L18   D28     1.5
  26. Vadapally, Pranay (20)........  WI 1184 W31   L2    D23   -N-     1.5
  27. Venkat, Abhyudhaya (23).......  WI 1062 W32   L5    L4    D24     1.5
  28. Hobson, Jonathan J (25).......  WI 1033 W35   L7    L5    D25     1.5

  29. Ballweg, Tim Donal (12).......  WI 1373 L1    L12   W34   L20     1.0
  30. McNeel, Andrew D (19).........  WI 1238 L4    W32   L2    L21     1.0
  31. Wanek, Ellen A (28)...........  WI  906 L26   W37   L14   L15     1.0
  32. Foat, Dustin (31).............  WI  736 L27   L30   W37   L17     1.0
  33. Ulrich, Anne E (36)...........  WI  182 -N-   -N-   -N-   W37     1.0

  34. Murali, Ananya (30)...........  WI  753 -H-   L19   L29   L22     0.5

  35. Newton, Jan L (33)............  WI  579 L28   L20   L15   -N-     0.0
  36. Burgin, W H (34)..............  WI  458 L12   L9    L17   -U-     0.0
  37. Foat, Patricia J (35).........  WI  350 L6    L31   L32   L33     0.0


Jan said...

Hi Everyone,

I hope there will be a record number of ladies playing in Challenge XIV. Please come out and support me. I decided to play in the Reserve Section and live blog about my experiences in-between rounds. I will need all the moral support I can get!

Jan Newton

Anonymous said...

noticed Jan sponsored PS 318 girls to go to girls Nationals - very cool

Jan said...

Hola everyone. Yes, Anonymous, I did it, I'm guilty. Goddesschess strikes here, there, everywhere, just like the Scarlet Pimpernel. Of course, most of the players in the club have no idea who the Scarlet Pimpernel is :) We're waiting for a Pay-Pal account to be set up to accept donations for the kids at IS 318 before we go "public" with the news and give the fund-raiser the publicity it deserves, but Elizabeth Vicary just couldn't contain herself, I guess. She's a favorite person of mine, by the way. Dedicated, passionate, and a very fine chessplayer in her own right. Lizzy won the 2007 Goddesschess Brilliancy Award at the U.S. Women's Chess Championships, you know. Well, maybe you didn't but now you do.

I've been training hard with Shira Evans-Sanford and she has no mercy. Vicious chess femme! My level of play is horrible, to put it bluntly. Oh well. I recently hung a queen after I was SURE I had a plan in place, and wanted to shoot myself. Sigh. Better those brilliant young chess femmes from IS 318 go to Nationals than Jan attempts to pursue her dream of becoming the oldest Women's World Chess Champion...

Chris said...

That sly elusive pimpernel (oh, snap!)

I will be playing in this event although it feels like forever since I've played at all.

Jan said...

An update on IS 318:

My training games with Shira Evans-Sanford have been going rapidly downhill. It seems whatever I once new about chess has flown away as I try to fight through my hopeless games with Shira! Question: Isn't it a coach's job to encourage and build up a player's ego pending a major chess competition? Geez, Shira!

LOL! So, come one, come all, at least in the Reserve Section, to play against hapless old me. I promise to blog about you! And please, I hope you will not object if I ask to take your photo to post at the Goddesschess blog. I would like, particularly, to focus on the ladies. Can you please come and seek me out?

Jan said...

Ohmhygoddess! I can't even spell anymore! It's supposed to be "knew" -- not "new!"

Oh well...

Anonymous said...

I would like to see the ladies support the club and play in all our tournaments and not just the ones with guaranteed prizes for showing up.

Anonymous said...

Will be there. The turnout is always great for this one!

Jan said...

Dear Anonymous on October 13, 2011:

I agree with you 100%. The question is, how? I have gone over and over this question with my partners many times over the years since we began offering prizes for the ladies at the Hales Corners Chess Challenges, and we haven't been able to come up with a good answer. Nothing we have done has seemed to make much difference in terms of increasing female participation. So, what's your answer? How do we get the female chessplayers out here, playing in events such as this one? I'm putting my silly self on the line and will face, most probably, four humiliating defeats at the hands of players young enough to be my grandchildren, all in the name of trying to rally support for more femmes coming out to play in just such events. So please, if you have any ideas, let me know. Buttonhole me next Saturday and talk to me privately - I'm sure to have plenty of time between rounds cuz I'm that bad and won't last long in my games. I'll take notes and won't use your name unless you give permission.

Jan N.

Chris said...

I was reading somewhere that girls tend to give up chess when they start liking boys out of fear that they'll be disliked for being better than boys at something.

Which is sad.

But you can kind of see that when you hear someone like Abby Marshall say she doesn't want to be identified as a chess player.

It's really a pity. I've been crushed by girls and it doesn't hurt my ego any more than a loss to anyone else...

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Sasha - WI newest master!

Tom said...

Still time to register early. Send me an email at:

Jan said...

Update on training games with Shira: it's coming down to the end of both games. In game 1 she's got me on the ropes, but I'm not going down without a fight. She's got my king cornered and I'm queenless (that's the game where I hung my queen, doh) and she's zeroed in on me with her queen, a rook and a lurking bishop. Oh my! I'm about to lose a rook but if I do I'll grab that bishop back, and king will be hidden behind a couple of well-spaced pawns and I've still got one rook in reserve. Problem is, he's in a corner. Well, life is tough...

In our second game, where I hope to last beyond 30 moves (well, come on, Shira is rated in the 1600 or 1700's and I'm at 579, what do you want? I want to WIN, that's what I want!) I'm down two pawns but I think I've got a better position right now - at least, temporarily. Still got a queen but have no sure plan of attack. I am no good at coordinating my pieces. No matter what I try with my pawns Shira always mows them down. To put it mildly, it is extremely frustrating playing these training games with Shira. I'm not learning a darn thing except how not to jiggle around in my chair like Kasparov...

Southwest Chess Club said...

History: number of players (open+reserve) and the open winner(s):
HCC XII.. 10/2010
HCC XI...04/2010
(41+37=78) SANTARIUS
HCC X...10/2009
(42+34=76) AMANOV
HCC VIII.10/2008
HCC VII..04/2008
HCC VI...10/2007
HCC V....04/2007
(40+22=62) TATE,STAMNOV
HCC IV...11/2006
(23+26=49) STAMNOV
HCC III..04/2006
(28+17=45) TENNANT
HCC II...10/2005
HCC I....04/2005
(34+36=70) BETANELI

Anonymous said...

We have 2000+ that are not really 2000+ and 1800s that are not really 1800s

Anonymous said...

Is this philosophical meandering or just jealousy? Ratings are earned. How can someone not be a rating they have earned? I suppose it would be a problem with the rating system, not the players, if such a case were true. But I'm not sure what the point is as regards to the pre-entries of the HCC. Trolling chess blogs seems about as low as it gets.

I for one am very happy with the state of Wisconsin chess. Seems to be getting stronger all the time.

-Matt Waller

Anonymous said...

Maybe "troll" is saying our 2000+'s and 1800's are really stronger than their ratings

Anonymous said...

Yeah, ok. So what, are 2000+'s are really 3000+'s? Give me a break.

-Matt Waller

Anonymous said...

if you had a chance to play at say, the Marshall, routinely against Masters, you'd be a master no doubt

cryptic_tutor said...

I went to the Marshall Masters last Spring. Does anonymous think I am over/underrated?

-Ben Smail

Anonymous said...

I'd say about 50-100 pts. over-rated.

Anonymous said...

It would depend on time control. Ben and Matt would do extremely well against Marshall masters in slow time controls as most of those masters got their rating in g/30 or g/60 events.

Anonymous said...

This tournament is incredibly strong now. Good luck to all, but keep the title in Wisconsin!

Southwest Chess Club said...

Yes, we now have 74 registered so far (as of 9:00 am). Including 6 masters (IL State Champ ZIN, many-time WI Champ WILLIAMS). FM Stamnov just arrived as well.

Southwest Chess Club said...

Third-highest attendance ever for an HCC. As of 9:33 am, we have 80, including 6 masters and 5 experts. Also, 12 chess femmes.

Southwest Chess Club said...

Anthony Parker arrived... so 7 masters, 81 players total. Pairings up in a few minutes.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone give the result of top 10 boards?

Jan said...

Hi everyone,

I received an email hello from a fan in Singapore regarding my recent blog coverage of the Hales Corners Chess Challenge XIV:

Eugene Wee has left a new comment on your post "Hales Corners Chess Challenge XIV":

Thanks for posting this. I am a chessplayer from Singapore who visits your blog every few months after having discovered it last year. Actually seeing you post about your results from a tournament, rather than just commenting on the results of the professionals, makes you feel much more like the real person that you are rather than just another entity on the Internet.

By the way, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Navin Sawalani finished in second place in the open. My guess is that he is the same player who won the national junior championship in Singapore more than a decade ago (1998, I think), when I was just starting to represent my school in the lower age divisions. If you have the chance to meet him again, perhaps you should ask him about it :)

So, here's a shout out from the other side of the world to Navin S. via the Goddesschess blog :)