Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Hales Corners Challenge XV

April 21, 2012
10 USCF Grand Prix Points.
A Wisconsin TOUR Event!

Hales Corners Challenge History:  number of players (open+reserve=total) and the winner(s):
HCC XV.. 4/2012 (56+49=105)  SANTARIUS, BURGESS
HCC XIV. 10/2011 (46+37=83)  SANTARIUS, SAWALANI
HCC XII.. 10/2010 (41+37=78)  FM BETANELI, HENDRICKSON
HCC XI…  4/2010 (41+37=78)  SANTARIUS
HCC X...  10/2009 (42+34=76)  GM AMANOV
HCC VII..  4/2008 (22+30=52)  BURGESS, TENNANT, PARKER
HCC VI...10/2007 (30+32=62)  TENNANT, BREIDER, SANTARIUS
HCC V....  4/2007 (40+22=62)  IM TATE, FM STAMNOV
HCC IV...11/2006 (23+26=49)  FM STAMNOV
HCC III..   4/2006 (28+17=45)  TENNANT
HCC II... 10/2005 (20+18=38)  BURGESS, A. BECKER
HCC I....   4/2005 (34+36=70)  BETANELI   


1st-2nd:  Erik Santarius & Jon Burgess
Expert:  Brady Harder
A:  13-way tie!
B:   Rachel Ulrich (who also wins GoddessChess Prize of free entry to Hales Corners Challenge XVI)

1st-2nd:  Xavier Loomer, Eric Ran
D:  Greg Reese, Sr., and Tony Sproehlich
E:  Curt Neumann (who came in 3rd overall)
Manisha Vootkur wins GoddessChess Prize in Reserve Section for free entry to HCC XVI).

USCF Rating results here  

Top Boards in the Reserve Section: Jim Nickell-Ryan Murphy (back); Al Buschmann-Sarfarez Mohammed
Jon Burgess-Jon Breider
Board 1 & 2 action:  Erik Santarius-Awonder Liang (back, Bd 1), Kent Cen-Anthony Parker
Reserve Section action; Bud Burgin, Gary Wright, Jan Newton .....

Jon Breider-Brian Ruggiero
Allen Becker
Anthony Parker-Erik Santarius;
 Bill Williams-Jon Burgess

 Brady Harder, winner of the Expert Prize:


Anonymous said...

This should be another great tournament, just as the first 14 have been.

Anonymous said...

World Champion!??

Anonymous said...

Correct! Awonder is the World Champion in the Under 8 Division. He won the gold medal in Brazil a few months ago.

Jan said...

Hola Darlings! I am looking forward to seeing you all again. I will be fighting for a draw at the very least but - let's face it, I suck when it comes to chess :) That's okay though, I still enjoy it, crazy femme that I am. I AM greatly looking forward to seeing Ellen Wanek and the other chess femmes.

Goddesschess' blog followed Awonder Liang's wondrous journey at the U-8 World Youth Chess Championships late last year. Of course I (ahem, ahem) had predicted great things for Awonder, and so I was not surprised when he won a GOLD MEDAL!

Well, yes, jumping up and down and very happy for Awonder and his family. I've been blogging about Awonder Liang and his family since I first met Awonder and his dad at the October, 2010 Hales Corners Chess Cahllenge. Frankly, I'm something more than in awe to be playing in the same tournament where Awonder Liang will also be playing. How many people get to rub elbows with a world champion, I ask you?

See you all soon, and yes, Robin, I will be sending in my official registration form and check :)

Anonymous said...

There is a great article about Awonder on Chess Life online!

Anonymous said...

Are you using April supplement rating for this event?

If so, NM Nolan is really 2195!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we are using the April supplement rating for this event. However, on our blog, we are using real-time ratings for our higher rated players.

Chris said...

I see Dave Sagunsky is playing in this tournament. The question is will he be kicking butt as well...

Benzo38 said...

I'm hoping to play in this event!

david s said...

yes chris i will.yours and jim coons butt.

alleenkatze said...

Open or Reserve....hmmmmm?

Anonymous said...

Can we hit 150 for this tournament? Make it happen!

Anonymous said...

All you have to do is sign up.

Southwest Chess Club said...

Well, we're now halfway to 150! (75 preregistered as of Noon Thursday).

Anonymous said...

Okay, which group (open or U1600) is going to have more players?

Jan said...

Historically there has always been a very good "day of" registration for the Hales Corners Challenges! Here's hoping the record is broken tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Party at Grochowski's house afterwards... pig roast and rave!

Southwest Chess Club said...

Negative on the party!


Jan said...

Home safe and sound. Got a BIG glass of wine and savoring the unusual senstation of my first ever win with a happy dance :) It was great to see everyone again and chat you all up. Unfortunately, the only photo I managed to take turned out blurred and unusable, doh! On the other photo taken on my camera by someone with nice steady hands, I look - well, let's just say my reaction was not exactly pleasant to what I look like in that photo. LOL! So much for my good intentions of taking lots of photos of everyone, especially the ladies. Now it time for a second glass of wine and some blogging...

peter said...

HUGE thanks to Tom and Robin. I always have a blast at this event.

alleenkatze said...

Very well organized and attended as usual. Never a dull moment at the Hales Corners Challenge! Thanks to Tom, Robin and Allen.

Anonymous said...

Why does Jon Breider look like a criminal? The dreaded Hoodie!!!!!!