Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Blooming Flowers Swiss: April 18, 25, & May 2

3-Round Swiss in Two Sections (Open and U1600). Game/100 minutes. USCF Rated. EF: $5.00. (One ½ Point Bye Available for any round (except round three) if requested at least 2-days prior to round). TD is Grochowski; ATD is Becker.


Robin said...

Round 1 results:
Grochowski - Becker 0-1
Hayes - Wainscott 1/2-1/2
Hildeman - Cardenas 0-1
Mhaskar - Hegelmeyer 0-1
Sagunsky - Parmet 1-0
Mueller - Daun 0-1
Sydlewski - Coons 0-1
Pokorski - Jester 1/2-1/2
Huang, A - Joachim 1/2-1/2

Richardson - Foat, D 1-0
Hogg, N - Krogmeier 0-1
Huiras - Anand,Dev 1-0
Foat, P - Huang, S 0-1
Vadapally - Foat, W 1-0
Mhaskar,N - Hogg,A 0-1
Roubik - Anand,Div 1-0

If anybody still wants to enter for round 2, please notify me and you can get a 1/2-point bye for the first round.

Robin said...

Tentative Round 2 Pairings:

Becker v Hegelmeyer
Cardenas v Moore
Daun v Williams
Joachim v Hayes
Ruggiero v Huang, A
Wainscott v Pokorski
Jester v Mhaskar, R
Parmet v Grochowski
Sydlewski v Mueller

Huang, S v Richardson
Krogmeier v Manns, D
Foat, D v Iyer
Anand, Divyesh v Foat, P
Anand, Devesh v Mhaskar, N

Robin said...

Due to numerous changes in the pairings the last two days, I will repair tonight when I arrive at the church. Please check the new pairing sheets tonight when you arrive.

And to those who have called in for a bye tonight, thank you for letting me know in advance you cannot come tonight, as that means I can repair and we will not have players sitting around waiting for an opponent who is not coming.

See everybody tonight at the church.

Robin said...

Round 2 results:
Becker v Hegelmeyer 1-0
Cardenas v Moore 1-0
Daun v Williams 0-1
Joachim v Hayes 1-0
Jester v Ruggiero 0-1
Haung,A v Pokorski 0-1
Parmet v Grochowski 1-0
Sydlewsky v Mueller 0-1

Krogmeier v Huang,S 0-1
Iyer v Manns 0-1
Foat,D v Mhaskar,N 0-1
Anand,Dev v Foat,P 1-0
Anand,Div v Nuthi 1-0

Robin said...

I will publish the tentative round 3 pairings on Wednesday morning.

Anonymous said...

If anyone has a chess scorebook they want to sell, please bring it to SWCC this Thur May, 2. I need one.

Jeff Pokorski

Robin said...

Open Round 3 Results:
Cardenas v Becker 1-0
Williams v Joachim 1/2-1/2
Pokorski v Sagunsky 0-1
Wainscott v Parmet 1-0
Hegelmeyer v Mueller 0-1
Moore v Daun 0-1
Hayes v Huang, A 1-0
Jester v Hildeman 1-0
Grochowski v Sydlewski 1-0

Reserve Round 3 Results:
Huang, S v Richardson 0-1
Hogg, A v Huiras 0-1
Manns v Vadapally 0-1
Krogmeier v Roubik 1-0
Mhaskar, N v Anand, Dev 1-0
Anand, Div v Hogg, N 0-1
Foat, D v Iyer 1-0