Sunday, January 12, 2014

Wisconsin Action Chess State Championship, January 25th, 2014

***All winners are recognized as official State Champions***

SECTIONS: (1) Open (USCF rated); (2) U1400 Madison RBO (USCF rated); (3) Scholastic: K-12 players only (USCF rated); and (4) Scholastic: K-5 only (not rated).
Location: Madison Shorewood Hills Elementary School (1105 Shorewood Blvd, Madison WI 53705)
PRIZES: Scholastic Sections: trophies to top five individuals, top five teams, and additional trophies based on age. Open and U1400 Sections: trophies and $$ depending on the number of entries.
ENTRY FEE: $20 if received by January 23rd, $25 afterwards. Please mail checks to (include desired section, contact phone number and email; if scholastic: current grade and name of the school): Wisconsin Chess Academy, 1090 Links Court #1, Brookfield WI 53005
DETAILS: everyone plays four games with time control of 30 minutes per player per game. This event has four separate sections, so everyone can find the right level of competition.
SCHEDULE: please register ahead of time if at all possible; on-site registration 9:00-9:30am, rounds: 10am, 11:15am, 12:45pm, 2pm. Award ceremony at 3:15pm. Lunch break between second and third round (can be purchased on site).
Questions: Alex Betaneli or 608-334-2574


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great event!

Anonymous said...

Is there increment or delay.

Alex Betaneli said...

5 second delay

Alex Betaneli said...

Srtong A class player from Iowa (James Hodina) is signed up!

Alex Betaneli said...

Entries (early deadline is midnight tomorrow):

Hodina, James
Hoffman, Guy
Wiedenhoeft, Robert
Sheloboloin, Filipp
Andresson, Mitchell
Jing, Daniel
Tu, Tony
Denison, Ana
Denison, Christine
Alexander, George
Alexander, Kelsen
Kimble, Sinclair
DeLair, Ethan
Nieuwenhuis, Kip
White, Gavin
Hill, Patrick
Roberts, Eric
Sajja, Nihar
Bartels, Kathryn
Bachofen, Noah
Izumi, Koki
Malloy, Asante
Nielsen, Craig

And another 25 players in K-5 unrated section

Alex Betaneli said...

100 participants played in this 4 section event. Many thanks to everyone who played and who helped to stage the tournament.

Congratulations to Guy Hoffman and Suhas Kodali on sharing the Championship title in the Open section. Matt Liegel and Ravi Shrivastava won u1400 section. Patrick Hill prevailed in the K-12 section. K-5 section (unrated this year) was the largest with 45 players partaking!

Rated results: