Monday, October 27, 2014

Autumn Pawn Action: October 30

3-Round Swiss, two sections.  Tournament is just one night.  
Games done by ~10:15 pm.
Game/24 minutes (USCF Quick rated):  G/24;d5  - does not affect your regular rating
Game/25 minutes (USCF Dual rated):  G/25;d5 - affects your regular rating, and Quick R.
EF: $5. (½- Point Bye available in only first round if requested prior to round.) TD is Becker; ATD is Grochowski.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who is covering the World Chess Championship? Assuming it is still on schedule that is.

Southwest Chess Club said...

Yes, the match is on. Official site:

Game 1 is November 8 (opening ceremony November 7).