Monday, October 28, 2019

Dec. 21-22 North Central Championship

Dec. 21-22 North Central Open

4SS, G/90, inc/30. Crowne Plaza Milwaukee Airport, 6401 S. 13th St., Milwaukee, WI 53221; 414-764-5300  Prize Fund: $3,000(b/80): $1,000-$500-$300, top u2250, u2150, u2050, u1950, u1850, u1750 $200 each. Accelerated pairings might be used. Schedule: late registration: 9:30-10:15am on Saturday, rds. Sat: 11am & 4pm, Sun: 10am & 3pm. EF: $80 by 12/19, $90 after 12/19. Byes: limit two 1/2 point byes, must declare before round one. HR: $75, mention chess US Chess Grand Prix Points: 15

Rating Crosstable

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Alex Betaneli said...


1-2: A.Chandra (won blitz play off), D.Mardov ($565 each)
3-U2250-U2150: Susanna Ulrich, Tom Bareket, Natalie Wisniowski ($175 each)
U2050-U1950: Y.Chennareddy, J.Orellana, A.Shetty, A.Pillai ($75 each)
U1850: J.Ellis, J.Coons, M.Weber, E.Huang ($37.50 each)
U1750: A.Hogg, N.Prakash ($75 each)

Thanks to all for playing. Next year's event is December 19-20.