Tuesday, October 06, 2020

October Online Pumpkin Swiss - 3-week Swiss event, G/60 with 5-second increment - (October 8, 15, 22) - online at chess.com

Thursday, October 8, we will hold another online multi-week Swiss-system tournament with a time control of G/60+5  (initial time of 60 minutes plus a 5 second increment for each move).  

This will be a three-round tournament (1 game each Thursday 7:00 pm, for 3 Thursdays in a row: October 8, 15, and 22, in 1 section.

Remember, chess.com doesn't have the ability to automatically-pair a multi-week event, so I will step in as the Tournament Director, pairing each round (just like the old days at the club!).
Please sign up by indicating your interest in playing to THIS FORUM post, remembering to provide your First Name, Last Name, EMAIL, chess.com username, and US Chess rating (we use USCF ratings for pairing purposes).
and “Post” a note/comment indicating you will play.  You must do this prior to 6:00 PM CDT October 8 (which is when I will do the pairings for Round 1)
If you don’t sign up before the pairings are completed you can always start in round two.  There is no entry fee and this will not be USCF rated (it will affect your rating on chess.com).
One-half point Byes are available in any round. If you would like a Bye, please notify us before the published cutoff date & time. (6:00 PM Thursdays).  I will pair each round at 6:00 pm Thursday.


Unknown said...

I'm interested in playing. Aditya Pillai, aditya1awesome@gmail.com, USCF:1929

Southwest Chess Club said...

So far, we have the following signed up for Thursday night (more are welcome to join!). This is as of 10 pm Wednesday night:

Kevin Klandrud
Robin Grochowski
Jim Coons
Allen Becker
Minghang Chen
Aditya Pillai
Luke Myers

REMEMBER, go to the Forum post on this event to sign up (and see news, pairings, etc):


Matt Waller said...

Matt Waller
USCF rating : 2095
E-mail: mwwaller@uwm.edu
Chess.com u.n: a_lakaytis

Southwest Chess Club said...

REMEMBER, go to the Forum post on this event for news, pairings, result-reporting, etc):


Bill wenz said...

Last weekend in indy the state of Indiana had a otb tournament there state torment 2 days at hotel time to start playing over the board