Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Southwest Chess Club - May 6 - Online Action Chess

Thursday (May 6) at 7:01 pm we will hold an online event at*. 

Time control is Game in 15 minutes, with 5-second increment after each move.  The 4 rounds should go from 7:01 pm until about 9:15 pm (Central time).

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before 7 pm in order to "join" the tournament.  The tournament starts promptly at 7:01 pm, so you need to click "join" before that.  

To enter, simply click on this link:     and once there, click "join".

*If you haven't already joined the SWCC club online, go here:    to join the club.

The event is not US Chess-rated, but is  There is no entry fee; US Chess membership is not required.


Bj said...

Does the fact that you posted two weeks at a time indicate that we are thinking about going otb after that?

Southwest Chess Club said...

BJ, the club will reopen on August 5. We'll be posting news on that very soon.

Daryl85 said...

Otb at hccc sounds great!