Friday, October 02, 2009

Badger Open

October 3 and 4 at the Marriott Milwaukee West Hotel, W231 N1600Corporate Court, Waukesha, Wisconsin. This is a Wisconsin Chess Tour Event.


Robin said...

Hope to have some pre-registration names later this week. This should be a good event. Both myself and Andrew are playing.

Robin said...

Open Section pre-registrations as of 9/20/09:

Name Rating
Veech, John 2031
Endsley, Barry E. 2000
Hoffman, Guy 1900
Liang, Yingming 1835
Coons, James J. 1810
Grochowski, A. 1754
Grochowski, R. 1735
Iyer, Venkat 1671
Liang, Awonder 1601
Pahl, Sandra R. 1527
Liang, Adream 1366

Anonymous said...

Any updates on pre entries?

Robin said...

No further information on pre-entries. Perhaps we will receive some more information on pre-entries later in the week.

Gregory Reese, Sr. said...

Jim Nickell gets all the mail-in entries. He has been out of town since Thursday and won't be back until sometime Monday.

These are pre-entries from the website and emails I have received. We will be posting the mail-in entries as soon as Jim gets home.


Kelly Borman 2020
Gregory Reese, Jr. 1743
Thomas Schneider 1677
Rohan Mhaskar 1650
Andrew Gorectke 1581
Aaron Jing 1510
Saagar Shah 1439
Sam Gorectke 1414
Alena Huang 1281


Nikhil James 1213
Zachary Chua 949


Maxim Raykov 941
Pranav Adavi 759
Mitchell Dentice Unrated


Sabrina Haung 800
Derek Schaper Unrated

Scholastic age players can pre-register at the WSCA website for the early-bird prices for all 4 Sections until Midnight Thursday.

Adults who want to guarantee the early discount can email me at by Thursday night and pay on-site.

Luke Ludwig will be our book and equipment seller again this year.

Gregory Reese, Sr.
Wisconsin Scholastic Chess Assoc.

Robin said...

Some additional entries to the Open Section as of 9/28/09.

Robin said...

Some additional entries to the Open Section as of 9/28/09.

Name USCF ID Rating
Garvin, Stanley T. 1733
Kosterman, Dennis J. 1516
Pokorski, Jeffrey A. 1711
Rasmussen, Kenneth R. 1326
Zimmermann, Troy Joseph 1645

Robin said...

Some additional entries to the Reserve Section as of 9/28/09.

Reserve Section
Brandt, John 748
Kulkarni, Pranav 1366
Lancour, David Timothy 1349
Shi, Tinglin 1210

Anonymous said...

Any more updates on pre entries?

Gregory Reese, Sr. said...

Hi All,

It took longer than expected to put the pre-registration list together and clean up the details:

There are 22 K-4 players.

And there are 20 K-9 players.

In the Open and Reserve Sections there are 52:

Reserve (U1400)
Kulkarni, Pranav 1366
Lancour, David 1349
Rokni, Eric 1316
Garvey, Thomas 1230
James, Nikhil 1213
Shi, Tinglin 1210
Campbell, John 1194
Vadapally, Pranay 1139
Najeeb, Yaseen 992
Glumm, Jacob 944
Chua, Zachary 921
Brandt, John 748
Najeeb, Hadi 719
Kandukuri, Suraj 633
Monosov, Nathanel 544

Williams, William 2200
Veech, John 2031
Borman, Kelly 2020
Endsley, Barry 2000
Martin, Richard R., III 1951
Wagner, John 1908
Hoffman, Guy 1900
Liang, Yingming 1835
Coons, James 1810
Grochowski, Andrew 1754
Jayne, Ryan 1751
Reese, Jr., Greg 1743
Grochowski, Robin 1735
Garvin, Stanley 1733
Pokorski, Jeffrey 1711
Schneider, Thomas 1677
Iyer, Venkat 1671
Nickell, James 1647
Mhaskar, Rohan 1664
Zimmermann, Troy 1645
Harder, Brady 1604
Liang, Awonder 1601
Sagunsky, David 1600
Gorectke, Andrew 1581
Jing, Aaron 1541
Pahl, Sandra 1527
Lawrence, Michael 1519
Kosterman, Dennis 1516
Seghers, Evan 1512
Hegelmeyer, John 1465
Gaddameedi, Vilas 1450
Gorectke, Samuel 1414
Broman, Tim 1392
Liang, Adream 1366
Rasmussen, Kenneth 1326
Huang, Alena 1320
Suri, Shiva 1305

This gives us a total of 94 Players in the two events.

Compared to 61 total last year. It looks like the Badger Open is on the rebound! Players are coming from Iowa, Michigan, and Illinois to play in Wisconsin.

Thanks to all who are coming, Jim Nickell tells me I won't be getting fired as the Badger Open Organizer for next year.

Gregory Reese, Sr.
Badger Open Organizer
Waukesha Chess Club

Late entries can still email me at the addresses below:

Robin said...

Looks like a Class B heavy tournament!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, with all them their B players, there should be like many more B prizes this time

Robin said...

I do not believe that the Flyer indicates what the Class prizes are, just that they will be made based on the entries. I assume that means entries per class, but I guess it might mean entries per the whole tournament. The tournament TD would have to answer that question.

Gregory Reese, Sr. said...

Hi Greg,

I noticed your latest post at our blog regarding taking email entries yet for the Badger Open. Are you still accepting email entries at the $35 rate or has that changed to $40 now ? Also, for your information, I have moved the Badger Open up to the top listing on the Southwest Chess Club Blog. We will keep it there throughout the weekend, so feel free to update whenever you can. Have a great tournament !!

Tom Fogec
Southwest Chess Club

Hi Tom,

For our friends at SWCC it's still $35. They can email me until 9:00 pm, or Jim Nickell at "James Nickell", or Ashish Vaja at "Ashish Vaja" until Midnight. I will try to post this information to your blog before I leave for set-up at 6 pm.



Anonymous said...

Will there be blitz Friday night?

Benzo38 said...

Waukesha chess club has a new look to their website!

Anonymous said...

Quick update from Day 1:

Troy Zimmermann has been on a roll. He drew John Becker in round1 and then beat Anthony Parker and Kelly Borman. Tough 1st day opponents, getting 2 1/2 points was awesome!!!!

From memory (a bit dangerous), in ratings order:

J Veech 3
B Smail 3
W Williams 2.5
B Endsley 2.5
R Jayne 2.5
S Garvin 2.5
T Zimmermann 2.5


Anonymous said...

Any updates? pairings?

Robin said...

Congratulations to Benedict Smail for winning the Badger.

Anonymous said...

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