Sunday, October 04, 2009

Cool Autumn Breezes Blowing Swiss

The Cool Autumn Breezes Blowing Swiss is a two section, four round tournament with games on September 24 and October 1, 8 and 15 (7 PM start time each night). Time Control is Game in 100 minutes. See details below.

Remember we continue to play at our new location: St. James Catholic Church, 7219 S. 27th Street, Franklin, WI 53132.

Tom Fogec

Tournament Director


Cool Autumn Breezes Blowing Swiss:

September 24 & October 1, 8, & 15

4-Round Swiss in Two Sections (Open and Under 1600).

Game/100 minutes. USCF Rated. EF: $5. (One ½-Point

Bye Available for any round (except round four) if

requested at least 2-days prior to round). TD is Fogec;

ATD is Grochowski.


Robin said...

Should be a great tournament! Come on out and join us!!

Robin said...

We have 13 in the Open Section and 12 in the Reserve Section. Results of Round 1 will be posted soon. Come on out and join us for the last three rounds!

Anonymous said...

Make it 14 in the open section. John V is also playing.


Anonymous said...

Are pairings available?

Robin said...

Hayes(1.0,2100) v Hildeman(1.0,1548)
Joachim(1.0,1398) v Waller(1.0,2050)
Garabedian(0.5,1868) v Seghers,E(0.5,1420)
Schneider(0.0,1676) v Pokorski(0.0,1729)
Sagunsky(0.0,1619) v Grochowski,R(0.0,1704)
Fogec,T(0.0,1646) Please Wait

Jambor(1.0,1279) v Demler(1.0,1487)
Patterson-Sumwalt(1.0,1160) v Gaddameedi(1.0,1309)
Seghers,R(0.5,1179) v Huang,A(1.0,1271)
Vadapally(0.5,1139) v Synowicz(0.5,945)
Burgin(0.0,594) v Jester(0.0,775)
Huang,S(0.0,670) Please Wait

Robin said...

Winners in Round 2 were: Hayes, Waller, Garabedian, Schneider, and Grochowski, R. (myself).

Winners in Round 2 (reserve section) were: Demler, Gaddameedi, Seghers, and Jester. Vadapally and Synowicz drew.

We will have the Round 3 pairings up as soon as possible.

In the meantime, please register early for HCC X!! Thanks.

Robin said...

Open Section (tentative) pairings for Round 3:

Waller(2.0, 2050) v Hayes(2.0,2100)
Becker(1.5,2029) v Garabedian(1.5,1868)
Grochowski,R(1.0,1704) v Coons(1.5,1854)
Hildeman(1.0,1548) v Schneider(1.0,1676)
Joachim(1.0,1398) v Fogec(1.0,1646)
Seghers(0.5,1420) v Grochowski,A(0.5,1753)
Pokorski(0.0,1729) v Sagunsky, David L (0.0,1619)

Reserve Section (tentative) pairings for Round 3:

Gaddameedi(2.0,1309) v Demler(2.0,1487)
Jambor(1.0,1279) v Seghers(1.5,1179)
Huang,A(1.0,1271) v Jester(1.0,775)
Synowicz(1.0,945) v Patterson-Sumwalt(1.0,1160)
Huang, Sabrina (1.0,670) v Vadapally(1.0,1139)
Sumwalt(0.5,947) v Vootkur(0.5,727)
Schneider(0.5,614) v Burgin(0.0,594)

Robin said...

Round 3 results:
Waller v Hayes 1-0
Becker v Garabedian 1/2
Grochowski,R v Coons 1/2
Hildeman v. Joachim 1-0
Seghers,E v. Grochowski,A 1/2
Pokorski v. Sagunsky 1/2

Gaddameedi v. Demler 0-1
Jambor v Seghers,R 1-0
Huang,A v Jester 1/2
Synowicz v Patterson-Sumwalt 0-1
Huang,S v Vadapally 0-1
Burgin v Vootkur 0-1

Robin said...

Below are the tentative pairings (Reserve Section) for Round 4:
Patterson-Sumwalt(2.0,1160) v Demler(3.0,1487)
Vadapally(2.0,1139) v Gaddameedi(2.0,1309)
Jambor(2.0,1279) v Huang,A(1.5,1271)
Jester(1.5,775) v Seghers(1.5,1179)
Vootkur(1.5,727) v Huang,S(1.0,670)
Synowicz(1.0,945) v Burgin(0.0,594)

Open Pairings will be along shortly!

Robin said...

And here they are!!!

Below are the tentative pairings (Open Section) for Round 4:
Becker(2.0,2029) v Waller(3.0,2050)
Hayes(2.0,2100) v Coons(2.0,1854)
Garabedian(2.0,1868) v Hildeman(2.0,1548)
Fogec(1.0,1646) v Grochowski,R(1.5,1704)
Grochowski,A(1.0,1753) v Joachim(1.0,1398)
Seghers(1.0,1420) v Pokorski, Jeffrey (0.5,1729)
Sagunsky, David L (0.5,1619) -- Please Wait

Robin said...

Congratulations to winners Matt Waller (Open Section) and John Demler (Reserve Section), and for achieving perfect 4-0 scores. The tournament should be rated by tonight.

Tom said...

The tournament is now rated. Check the USCF website for results.