How to reach the Tournament Directors:

How to reach the Tournament Directors
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Monday, February 15, 2010

February Is For Lovers Swiss: February 4 & 18

4-Round Swiss in One Section; two games per night; Game/45 minutes. USCF (dual) Rated. EF: $5.


Robin said...

Please sign up in advance if possible. Remember that this tournament has a one-week break for the GM simul on February 11.

Robin said...

We already have five pre-registered players, to include Master Bill Williams.

Robin said...

After the first two rounds we have the following leaders with 2-points each.
Williams, W
Hendrickson, N
Grochowski, A
Itskovich, Y
Joachim, P

Anonymous said...

Hard to pick a winner from this group but I think Hendrickson will come out on top.

Robin said...

Tentative Pairings for Round 3:
Grochowski,A(2.0,1775) v Williams(2.0,2200)
Hendrickson(2.0,1904) v Itskovich(2.0,1602)
Joachim, Peter Jam (2.0,1544) v Mckee(1.5,1361)
Mhaskar(1.5,1702) v Coons(1.0,1775)
Seghers,E(1.0,1527) v Mohammed(1.0,1295)
Demler(1.0,1513) v Jester(1.0,900)
Gaddameedi(1.0,1438) v Vootkur(1.0,788)
Suri(1.0,1373) v Bepar(1.0,463)
Richardson(0.5,1546) v Pokorski(0.5,1674)
Synowicz(0.5,931) v Kleman(0.0,1538)
Adavi(0.0,790) v Seghers,R(0.0,1388)
Schroeder(0.0,710) Please Wait

Jonathan said...

Go Leftover Salmon! Oh, wait... who do I root for? I'm so confused. Perhaps a draw...

Robin said...

Congratulations to Nolan Hendrickson for winning the tournament with a perfect 4-0.