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How to reach the Tournament Directors
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Monday, February 08, 2010

US Amateur Team Championship - North (Feb 12-14)

Feb. 12-14 or 13-14 2010 U.S. Amateur Team Championship - North Wisconsin Two sections: Open and Scholastic (Saturday only) Open: 5SS, G/90+30/move/increment (G/120 if digital clocks not available; 2-day: rd.1-2 G/60). Crowne Plaza Hotel Milwaukee Airport, 6401 South 13th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53221.
Info:,, 608-334-2574, 414-234-1005.

Watch two videos from Round 1!  Here and here.

2 Grandmasters, 1 International Master, 2 FIDE Masters, and 6 Masters

Standings through the weekend also here.


Anonymous said...

Any pre registered teams?

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a fun tournament. Too bad USCF doesn't allow $$ as prizes.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, The Racine Chess Club has registered a team consisting of:

Matt Waller (2088)
Scott Schneider (1923)
Nicole Niemi (1860)
Art Peel (1700)

S. Callaghan (1728) as the alternate.


Robin said...

We also have a team, "The Four Seniors," consisting of:

Becker, Allen; rating 2001
Coons, James; rating 1831
Grochowski, Andrew; rating 1768
Grochowski, Robin; rating 1757

Our average rating is 1839.

What is the name of the first Racine Chess Club team? I assume there might be more from the Racine Club, so I dubbed you the first!:)

Anonymous said...

I like Becker's Bitches better.

What does "The Four Seniors" mean?

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming Andrew is a senior in high school and the others are senior citizens

Jonathan said...

Well. In case there was any doubt, this behavior should prove that chess certainly doesn't produce respect. On the contrary, it seems to stunt maturity in some people.

Alex said...

We have 2 GMs, one IM and many masters with teams already. About 20 teams in the Open and 10 in scholastic so far. Will publish pre-registered teams soon.

Robin said...

Well, not quite senior citizens, but not spring chickens either!:)

Anonymous said...

It's certainly good for WI chess to see a good turnout.

Hopefully the new playing site fixes the problems from the last 2 team events, particularly the massive over crowed situation from last years team tournament.

Anonymous said...

Who is the GM?? Amanov? Hahahahahahah.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alex,

Who is the lowest rated first board in Open??

Anonymous said...

Is Andrew a senior??

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 5:42
Yeah since you're OBVIOUSLY better than Amanov. Seriously ANY strong players who play in WI is good for WI chess.

Anonymous said...

GM A Yermolinsky
GM D Gurevich
IM A Young
FM A Betaneli
FM R Ahundov
NM E Santarius
NM P Karagianis
NM J Kane
NM S Tennant
NM M Acosta
NM L Weber
Has there been a stronger event in WI ?

Alex said...

No Amanov yet and I am not sure if he is making a team.

Lowest board one in the Open is B class I think!

Stronger event in WI? The first Roman Levit Memorial had Shulman, Nakamura and Donaldson. The Kittsley Festivals had Goldin, Kudrin and Palos one year. Will have to see the final crosstable of this event first, but it's a good candidate for the strongest event ever!

There should not be any problems with space: even if we get 50 teams in the open, there will be plenty! This hotel is top level with the restaurant offering special menu for chess players. Should be a very enjoyable event.

There will be a QUICK RATED blitz event on Saturday night!

Hope to see you there! There is still time to form a team. It's as social as it gets for chess!!!


Robin said...

Yes, Andrew is a senior.

Should be a great event this weekend. Call or e-mail Ashish, as there is still time to sign up to get on a team.

Ashish Vaja said...

Alright guys, I posted the pre-entries as of today(2/10) on:

I will try to keep the website updated throughout the weekend with both standings and pairings. I am not the Chief TD so I will, hopefully have time to do this stuff.

As far as space goes, we have more space than needed. A large skittles room for 150 people. With one room for scholastic and another for open, both would easily fit about 180 people.

And we made sure there were enough bathrooms for a large event.

Anonymous said...

The hotel requires one outhouse for every 100 players.

Anonymous said...

Has GM Yermolinksi moved to Chicago?

Ashish Vaja said...

Yermo lives in South Dakota.

Robin said... them Black Hills! Rumor has it that is why he is better with the black pieces!:)

Mark Seghers said...

I wish I could have gotten more scholastic teams to this. Too many kids have basketball and other conflicts this weekend... and the Grade Level tournament is next weekend... Only have one team for LDMS.

Alex said...

Well this National event has fixed dates (President's Day weekend) for the next few decades..... We have to make a choice and/or schedule other events at some respectable distance. :-)

I wish the organizers of the "Grade Level" would take this into consideration in the upcoming years. Wisconsin holding this National event in the future depends directly on attendance, especially from Wisconsin!

Yury said...

Could someone provide details about the Sat night blitz event?

Alex said...

I don't believe it's going to happen.

Unknown said...

Great job Trevor on the win!

Anonymous said...

How about some results?

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Stacked team of Betanleli didn't do well.

Good job Trevor M!

Anonymous said...

Results (and stories) are on the USCF site for South, East and West.

Complete silence from the North...


Anonymous said...

So what team won? Crosstables, etc?

Anonymous said...

You can see the winner was Pinoy and some commentary

Anonymous said...

I am guessing Alex did not give us any results because his stacked team "sucked"

Anonymous said...

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