Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Grandmaster Josh Friedel Lecture: May 30, 7:00 pm

GM Friedel's lecture is entitled "Practical Tournament Situations" which will be followed by a question and answer session.

GM Friedel is currently the #1 player in Wisconsin, #40 in the US, and has participated in the US Championships (6th place in 2009).  Here is his professional website.

There will be a $5 charge at the door for adults (club members or non-members); Free admission for Juniors (18 and under).



Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this lecture. He is outstanding.

Chris said...

Heading into the final round in Chicago Josh is tied with Ray Robson for the lead...

Alex Betaneli said...

Josh just tied for first place at the Chiago Open! Folks, expect a great lecture on Thursday.

Chris said...

And Friedel ties for first in Chicago!!!

Alex Betaneli said...

Josh just tied for first place at the Chicago Open. Folks, you will be treated to an outstanding lecture!

Tom said...

Josh put on a "world class" lecture last night. He is both informative and humorous. We had a great turnout, which was highly appreciative of his presentation.

Steve Etzel said...

This lecture was simply awesome and well worth the price of admission. If appropriate, I would like to share a few tidbits that Josh provided during his presentation. These are my paraphrases but I think they capture the essence.

1. If you're the one relieving the tension it is generally not good for you.

2. Even in strategic positions, there are tactics.

3. Improve your pieces, not your opponent's.

4. Every time your position changes, you have to reassess where your pieces belong.

5. If a piece looks ugly on a square, it is probably misplaced.

6. Always good to make your opponent make decisions.

7. Sometimes if you miss your one chance to punish your opponent's weak move, you may not get another chance.

8. Sometimes it is better to just wait (rather than play a weakening move just to do something).

9. Your opponent is going to freak at least once or twice during the game.

10. Exchange sacs can give either positional or tactical compensation.

11. Do not give up the g7 bishop when playing Black in the Benoni.

12. When you feel you're about to beat your opponent, that's when you have to think the hardest.

13. When losing, give your opponent opportunities to screw up.

14. Save enough time to be able to think in critical positions.

15. This game (round 8) ended up being worth $5000.

16. Tactics happen in endgames all the time.

17. Life goes on -- make the best of your position.

Chris said...

I've attended numerous GM lectures previously and this one is among the best. Josh was informative and funny, which made it easy to follow along and learn.