Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Heatwave Action V - June 6

3-Round Swiss in Two Sections (G/30 Minutes and G/24 Minutes, both with 5-second delay).
USCF Rated. EF: $5.00.  (½ Point Bye available for only first round if requested prior to round).
TD is Becker; ATD is Grochowski.


1st Place: Patrick McElwee
2nd Place: Allen Becker/Brian Ruggiero

1st Place:  David Cardenas
2nd Place:  Troy Zimmerman
U1600:  Zachary Chua


Robin said...

Previous Heatwave winners:

I: G/30 Fricano;
G/24 Grochowski, R

II: G/30 Becker;
G/24 Veech

III: G/30 Becker
G/24 Grochowski, R & Hendrickson

There was no Heatwave IV.

alleenkatze said...

Lots of heat on the boards this evening with many games going the distance. Thanks for letting me play for the house!

Robin said...

Congratulations to Patrick McElwee for winning the G/30; and congratulations to David Cardenas for winning the G/24!