Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sunny Days Blitz-O-Matic - Thursday, May 12

Sunny Days Blitz-O-Matic -- May 12   (Hales Corners Village Hall)
10-Round (Round-Robin) in one or more sections (depending on number of players). Game/5 minutes. USCF Quick-Rated. EF: $5.00.  TD is Becker; ATD is Fogec.


Anonymous said...

Time to get the dust off the old pawns and come on out and play some Blitz! How fast can you move!!! Not as fast as me!!!! Andale! Andale! Arriba! Arriba! Yii-hah! Speedy Gonzales

Tom said...

Congratulations to Allen Becker who finished a clear first, well ahead of the rest of the field !!

Chris said...

Does that guy ever lose at Blitz? We should set up a match between him and Santarius.