Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Joe Crothers Memorial Southwest Chess Club Championship

FINAL STANDINGS (not in tiebreak order). 

USCF Rating results

SWCC-Joe Crothers Memorial Club Championship - PRIZEWINNERS SHOWN BELOW 

  No.    Name                     St Rate Rd 1  Rd 2  Rd 3  Rd 4  Rd 5  Rd 6  Score    
   1. Williams, William (1)......  WI 2200 W28   W13   W8    D3    W4    W11    5.5   1st    

   2. Breider, Jon P (2).........  WI 2119 W29   W33   L3    W9    W20   W8     5.0
   3. Kinsman, Jim A (7).........  WI 1999 W25   W21   W2    D1    W5    D4     5.0   2nd

   4. Zhou, Jerry Zhexua (5).....  WI 2049 W23   W10   W11   W14   L1    D3     4.5 
   5. Becker, Allen J (4)........  WI 2065 W34   W9    W20   -H-   L3    D6     4.0
   6. Kohlenberg, Jacob (6)......  WI 2043 W35   L11   D34   W29   W30   D5     4.0
   7. Haubrich, Scott A (8)......  WI 1994 W16   L14   -H-   -H-   W35   W21    4.0   
   8. Cardenas, David R (10).....  WI 1975 W17   W22   L1    W18   W14   L2     4.0   
CLASS A - 1st
   9. Mueller, James H (14)......  WI 1900 W46   L5    W24   L2    W34   W23    4.0
  10. Joachim, Peter Jam (15)....  WI 1815 W37   L4    D16   W32   W15   D12    4.0   
CLASS A - 3rd
  11. Coons, James Jay (16)......  WI 1813 W40   W6    L4    W26   W12   L1     4.0    CLASS A - 2nd

  12. Hayes, Raymond C (3).......  WI 2100 L30   W36   W19   W17   L11   D10    3.5
  13. Grochowski, Andrew (13)....  WI 1935 W45   L1    W35   -H-   L16   W30    3.5
  14. Grochowski, Robin (19).....  WI 1744 W48   W7    -X-   L4    L8    D18    3.5    CLASS B - 1st
  15. Hegelmeyer, John A (30)....  WI 1507 -H-   W42   D26   -H-   L10   W27    3.5   
CLASS C - 2nd
  16. Huang, Alena (31)..........  WI 1419 L7    W48   D10   W27   W13   -U-    3.5    CLASS C - 1st
  17. Jester, James Will (33)....  WI 1361 L8    W44   W21   L12   D28   W29    3.5    CLASS D - 1st
  18. Daun, Mitchell Kei (36)....  WI 1267 -H-   -H-   W28   L8    W22   D14    3.5    CLASS D - 2nd
  19. Hogg, Alexander (46).......  WI  659 -H-   W38   L12   L23   W37   -X-    3.5    U1000 - 1st

  20. Becker, John R (9).........  WI 1975 W31   W30   L5    W22   L2    -U-    3.0
  21. Pokorski, Jeffrey (18).....  WI 1760 W43   L3    L17   W45   W25   L7     3.0   
CLASS B - 2nd
  22. Sagunsky, David L (20).....  WI 1708 W49   L8    W31   L20   L18   W35    3.0
  23. Dreuth, Adam W (25)........  WI 1598 L4    W43   D33   W19   -H-   L9     3.0    CLASS C - 3rd
  24. Georgakakis, Paris (27)....  WI 1574 -H-   -H-   L9    -F-   W45   W40    3.0
  25. Murphy, Ryan P (29)........  IL 1529 L3    -H-   -H-   W44   L21   W33    3.0
  26. Moore, Michael (37)........  MI 1254 -H-   W39   D15   L11   L27   W34    3.0

  27. Creed, John Jack (17)......  WI 1785 -N-   -H-   W49   L16   W26   L15    2.5
  28. Johnson, James R (21)......  WI 1703 L1    W45   L18   W31   D17   -F-    2.5
  29. Hildeman, Jonathan (22)....  WI 1702 L2    W46   -H-   L6    W42   L17    2.5
  30. Demler, John (23)..........  WI 1672 W12   L20   -H-   W33   L6    L13    2.5
  31. Wright, Gary M (32)........  WI 1375 L20   W49   L22   L28   D43   W42    2.5
  32. Vootkur, Srikar (41).......  WI  978 -H-   L41   W39   L10   -N-   W43    2.5     U1000 - 2nd

  33. Mhaskar, Rohan (11)........  WI 1953 W36   L2    D23   L30   -H-   L25    2.0
  34. Wainscott, Chris (24)......  WI 1618 L5    W37   D6    -H-   L9    L26    2.0
  35. Sydlewski, Dean Wi (28)....  WI 1571 L6    W40   L13   W36   L7    L22    2.0
  36. Khaliq, Abdul (34).........  WI 1342 L33   L12   W43   L35   L39   -B-    2.0
  37. Roubik, David (39).........  WI 1139 L10   L34   W48   -H-   L19   D38    2.0   
CLASS E - 1st
  38. Vootkur, Manisha (40)......  WI 1064 -H-   L19   D42   -H-   -N-   D37    2.0    CLASS E - 2nd

  39. Yan, Ruilin (43)...........  WI  826 -H-   L26   L32   D42   W36   -U-    2.0
  40. Foat, Dustin J (44)........  WI  821 L11   L35   L45   W48   W49   L24    2.0

  41. McKee, Conor T (26)........  WI 1597 -H-   W32   -F-   -U-   -U-   -U-    1.5
  42. An, Limin (42).............  WI  939 -H-   L15   D38   D39   L29   L31    1.5
  43. Rusch, Lucas Danie (45)....  WI  819 L21   L23   L36   W46   D31   L32    1.5

  44. Ruggiero, Brian T (12).....  IL 1942 -U-   L17   W46   L25   -U-   -U-    1.0
  45. Neumann, Curt E (35).......  WI 1331 L13   L28   W40   L21   L24   -U-    1.0
  46. Huang, Sabrina (38)........  WI 1227 L9    L29   L44   L43   -B-   -U-    1.0
  47. Foat, Patricia J (49)......  WI  250 -U-   -U-   -U-   -U-   -U-   W49    1.0

  48. Zorro, Alfonso J (47)......  WI  560 L14   L16   L37   L40   -U-   -U-    0.0
  49. Burgin, W H (48)...........  WI  417 L22   L31   L27   -F-   L40   L47    0.0


Robin said...

The past winners of the Club Championship were:

Newton Berry 1993
Sheldon Gelbart 1994
Sheldon Gelbart 1995
Mark Sokolowski 1996
Mark Sokolowski 1997
David Van Scyoc 1998
Mark Sokolowski 1999
William Wenz 2000
Isaac Gabrilovich 2001
David Van Scyoc 2002
Allen Becker 2003
Robert Murphy 2004
Kenneth Bastin 2005
Allen Becker 2006
Allen Becker 2007
Anthony Parker 2008
John Becker 2009
Matt Waller 2010
Jerry Zhou 2011

Tom said...

This "all in one section" tournament always has a good turnout. From Masters to lower rated players, they are all here.

Tom said...

There will be a "David Dathe Best Game Award" for this tournament. Players of all levels are encouraged to submit games for consideration to one of the Tournament Directors. Mr. Dathe will judge the entries. We thank him for his continued support of Southwest Chess Club events and players !!!

Anonymous said...

Pairings? Standings?

Southwest Chess Club said...

Tentative pairings will be out Monday night; results from Round 1 will be posted Monday morning.

Chris said...

If anyone has any old issues of Inside Chess that they feel are taking up space I'd be happy to take them off your hands! I used to love that magazine when I was a kid...

Chris said...

Magnus played the Checkhover against Naka today.

Fear? Or surprise?

Anonymous said...

Carlsen afraid? I don't even think those two words go together.

Anonymous said...

lots of upsets already here.

Benzo38 said...

John Becker vs. Allen Becker.

Who will win the Battle of the Beckers!

Anonymous said...

$10 it's a draw

Anonymous said...

Becker won that game!

JB said...

No, Becker threw a win away!

Anonymous said...

John, could you kindly post some analysis to show the win you believe you threw away? I've played through the game, and I don't see it, but maybe I'm missing something.

Much obliged,
Jason Childress
SWCC Member-at-large

JB said...

Sure, let me work on it a bit. Now don't misunderstand me, Allen is an excellent player and it was a well-deserved win on his part; he kept his cool under time pressure, so allcredit is due to him. I'm just upset at myself for getting such a good position and then blowing it by trying to get too tricky. I saw 27. g5!(what I think was)the winning move (followed by 27.... Nh5 28. Nh5 gh 28. f5! but thought I could play it a move later. The move I did play (Re5) was to try and tempt him into grabbing the exchange in a very complicated position which probably would have eaten all his remaining time up. It was a gamble and he kept his cool and didn't fall for it. I'll send some specific lines that I was thinking of as soon as I can get to it.

Robin said...

There will be some pairing changes for round 4, mainly in the 1-point and down pairings. Please double check your pairings tonight!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There seems to be upsets in every round.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that no one is ranked at where their seed number is.

Anonymous said...

The next two lectures sound really great!

Chris said...

Sad news from Chicago where NM Jon Burgess passed away this weekend.

RIP Jon...

Anonymous said...

What happened to Burgess??

Anonymous said...

The obituary is about John Burgess, but that's NOT a chess player.

Southwest Chess Club said...

Oddly, exactly two years ago, a "John Burgess" did pass away in Chicago. However, the Chicago Chess Blog (Bill Brock) reported the sad news about Jon. No other confirmation yet.

Alex Betaneli said...


Troy said...

^^ What he said

peter said...

Congrats Bill! Also noteworthy was Jester's performance in the D section. What a meteoric rise!

Ivan said...

Jon Burgess