Monday, April 01, 2013

Melting Ice Action VII -April 4

Melting Ice Action VII: April 4

3-Round Swiss in Two Sections (G/30 Minutes, d5 and G/24
Minutes, d5). USCF Rated. EF: $5.00. (½ Point Bye available for
only first round if requested prior to round) TD is Allen Becker;
ATD is Robin Grochowski.



Robin said...

Previous winners of our Melting Ice Action tournament:

G/30 Breider
G/24 Burton

G/30 Becker/Cardenas
G/24 Coons

G/30 Zhou
G/24 Coons

G/30 Grochowski, A
G/24 Zhou

G/30 Becker
G/24 Haubrich

G/30 Becker/Williams
G/24 Cardenas

Anonymous said...

Who will win this year? Becker has the most wins in G/30; however, Zhou has a win in each section. The suspense is building!

Anonymous said...

And it appears that Coons has the most wins in the G/24 section.

Anonymous said...

And Cardenas has a win in each section also.

Anonymous said...

The rumor from Iceland (or where the ice is currently melting) is that all these players might be making an appearance on Thursday night. Will you be there to stop them from adding to their section leading totals?

Anonymous said...

A round robin blitz tournament would be a lot of fun as a one off event. Not sure if the club ever does blitz events.

Robin said...

The club does about 3 or 4 round-robin blitz tournaments per year on Thursday nights. Please check our calendar for the next one, which I believe will be May 9.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how a dubious move or loss of tempo can lose a game.

Robin said...

Congrats to Haubrich for winning the G/30 Section, and congrats to Cardenas and Burton for winning the G/24 Section.