Friday, September 25, 2015

Colored Leaves Rattle-the-Pawns Blitz VII

Colored Leaves Rattle-the-Pawns Blitz VII
10-Round (Round-Robin) in one or more sections (depending on
number of players). G/5 minutes (USCF Blitz-Rated).
Tournament starts at 7 pm; registration ends at 6:50 pm.
EF: $5; No byes.  TD is Tom Fogec; ATD is Robin Grochowski.




Tom said...

Congratulations to Alex Betaneli who won a very strong top section. And also to Chris Bailey who won the second section with a near perfect 13.5 (out of 14) points and to Govenor Gill who convincingly won the third section with 10 (out of 12) points.

Anonymous said...

When will this be posted on USCF?

Tom said...


Section 1:

7.5 Betaneli
7.0 Santarius
6.5 Martin
5.0 Waller
2.0 Ruzell
2.0 Haubrich

Section 2:

13.5 Bailey
9.5 Singh, H
8.0 Prasad
8.0 Singh, A
8.0 Ruzell
6.0 Bhattacharyya
2.0 Hildeman
1.0 Trawinski

Section 3:

10.0 Gill
8.5 Bhattacharyya
7.0 Chaveriat
5.0 Wright
4.5 Iyer
3.5 Kaur
3.5 Rockley

Jim said...

When will this be posted on USCF?

Tom said...

Technical difficulties with USCF regarding the rating of this event have been very frustrating. As of this morning they have rated the top two sections, but not the third section. I have alerted them to this. Rest assured, as always, the results were turned in on a timely basis.

Tom said...

USCF has now rated all three sections.