Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Is Anyone Looking to Play an OTB Event?

Luke Ludwig in Green Bay is looking to see how many might be wanting to play in over the board tournaments.

The Green Bay Open may be held in the near future if it looks like enough are interested. Please indicate your willingness in the comments below.

A Heritage Event!
US Chess Junior Grand Prix!
July 25-26   44th Annual Green Bay Open
US Chess Grand Prix Points: 10
Radisson Hotel, 2040 Airport Dr., Green Bay, WI 54313. 5SS, 40/90, SD/1 d5. EF: $50, if rec’d by 7/22, all entries after 7/22 including phone, email & in person are $10 more. $$ (Top 2 Gtd. 6 per class) $2000 Cash + 6 trophies! 1st $400 + trophy; 2nd $235, X $150; 1900’s & 1800’s $145 each; 1700’s & 1600’s $140 each; 1500’s & 1400’s $135 each; 1300’s & 1200’s $130 each; Under 1200/Unrated $115. Trophies to top Juniors ages 17-18, 15-16, 13-14, 11-12, 10 & under. Reg.: 8:45-9:25am. Rds.: 10-2:30-7:30; 10-3:15. HR: $109/$109/$119/$129 call 920-494-7300 mention chess tournament. Room block held to 7/3. Other Info: 1/2 bye avail. Rds. 1, 2 or 3 if req’d w/entry. WI Tour Event. W. Entries & Inquiries to: Luke Ludwig, 2191 Allouez Ave., Green Bay, WI 54311. Email: lukealudwig@aol.com, 920-465-9859.


Dalip Singh said...

Aradh and Jind Kaur are ready to play OTB.

Mike L said...

Do I want to return to OTB tournaments? Of course!
Do I think it is safe to do so? Absolutely not. It will be many months before I think it will be safe enough for this chess player to compete in anything but online events.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see OTB tournaments but I am not yet ready for it. July seems too early. Want to wait more and prefer online tournaments instead.

Southwest Chess Club said...

I greatly miss OTB tournaments! But I am not ready for OTB now, and it will probably be many months before it is safe to play OTB. - Allen