Monday, March 15, 2010

29th Annual Waukesha Memorial

Saturday March 27th, A Wisconsin Tour Event! 4SS. G/60. Dual rated. Comfort Suites Hotel, Exit 294, I-94 and WI 164, Pewaukee, WI 53072. $$Non-monetary, traveling trophy to First, books for class winners. Open to all. EF: $15 ($12 by 3/26). Reg.: 9:00-9:45, Rds.: 10:00; 1:00; 3:30; 6:00. No state memb. req'd. OSA. Mail entries to Waukesha CC. 1911 Stardust Dr., Waukesha, WI 53186. Phone Info: Jim Nickell (262) 544-6266. Online info: Flyers:


Robin said...

Six pre-entries and the top player is Robert Murphy!

Both myself and Andrew will be playing.

Anonymous said...

I'm also going to play but I havent pre-registered.

Matt Waller

Anonymous said...

Benzo38 said...
waukesha memorial is coming up and i'm gonna keep everyone posted on the waukesha blog page!

Jonathan said...

Count me in this as well.

J. Hildeman

Robin said...

I know that Bill Williams is going to play, but I have not heard of any other masters playing yet. I expect that two or three experts will probably show up.

Robin said...

Pre-entries as of 3/24/10:

1 Williams, Williams P. 2200
2 Jin, David 1959
3 Murphy, Robert Lee 1921
4 Hoffmann, Guy G. 1900
5 Hendrickson, Nolan R. 1893
6 Mhaskar, Rohan 1781
7 Grochowski, Andrew R. 1778
8 Coons, James J. 1769
9 Grochowski, Robin J. 1765
10 Jing, Aaron C. 1759
11 Hildeman, Jonathan R. 1740
12 Sagunsky, David L. 1656
13 Pokorski, Jeffrey A. 1645
14 Fogec, Thomas G. 1631
15 Chryst, Thomas E. 1599
16 Corcoran, Benjamin A. 1562
17 Dill, Stuart A. 1558
18 Pahl, Sandra R. 1518
19 Shi, Tinglin 1408
20 Alexander, George M. 1270
21 James, Nikhil 1255

1 Kansara, Mihir 1114
2 Tang, Michael 929
3 Landey, Charles N. 916
4 Ran, Eric M. 914
5 Kalicheti, Pranav R. 902
6 Chryst, Bailey Unrated
7 Buck, Finn 627
8 Ran, Stephanie L. 620
9 Jing, Daniel C. 175

Anonymous said...

Any results?

-Matt Waller

Robin said...

I believe it was Jeff Cooper and David Jin, both with 4 points, sharing the title. Congratulations to both of them.

Robin said...

I finished with 3 points, after losing the first game by dropping my knight early on!!!

Overall, it was a well run tournament and it appeared all the players had a lot of fun.

Tom said...

Kudos to Jim NIckell on a well run event.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to David Jin on becoming the newest WI expert!

David J said...

Thank you all, Rubin, Jim & Alex. I am enjoyed in the tournament, see you next!