Friday, May 02, 2014

Cruising into Summer Round-Robin: May 15, 22 & 29


3-Round “Round-Robin” (a “Quad”). Four chess players to a
Quad. Game/100 minutes; 5-second delay. USCF Rated. EF: $5.00.
TD is Grochowski; ATD is Becker.
We plan to start promptly at 7:00 p.m. Registration is 6:20-6:50 p.m. NOTE: Since this is a quad (round-robin) it is important that players be present for all three rounds since there are no byes available. You must be present at registration to get into the event, unless you have made other arrangements with us earlier. If you show up late and the quads have been assembled, you will not be able to compete in this event.


Robin said...

EXTRA: “David’s Best Game Prize” There will be a $5.00 "Best Game" prize for the Cruising into Summer Round-Robin, which will be awarded by David Dathe. This prize will be awarded for the most interesting game played in the tournament. Mr. Dathe will be the judge of any games submitted. All tournament players are encouraged to submit a game. Please submit the game to the TD no later than 5 days after the conclusion of the tournament. The game needs to be legible (readable) so the game can be properly analyzed.

Anonymous said...

Take a look in your recent copy of Chess Life. Lev Alburt features a game between Paul Bevans and Chris Mckinney. Both have recently play at the SWCC.

Robin said...

Yes, it was nice to get the game of Paul and Chris into the USCF magazine. I believe Paul submitted it. They both are members of the Club.

Robin said...

Quads and first round results:
Cooper v Joachim 1-0
Becker v Williams 0-1
Hildeman v Grochowski 0-1
Pokorski v Sagunsky 1/2
Botchek v Georgakakis 1-0
Markowski v Rice 1-0
Machi v Mathur 1-0
Perelman v Huiras 1/2
Krogmeier v Przybylski 0-1
Hogg A v Wright 1-0
Gopal v Chaveriat 1-0
Hogg N v Mhaskar 0-1

Robin said...

Round 2:
Williams v Cooper 1-0
Joachim v Becker 0-1

Sagunsky v Hildeman 1/2
Grochowski v Pokorski 1-0

Rice v Botchek 0-1
Georgakakis v Markowski 0-1

Huiras v Machi 0-1
Mathur v Perelman 1-0

Wright v Krogmeier 0-1
Przybylski v Hogg A 0-1

Mhaskar v Gopal 0-1
Charveriat v Hogg N 1-0

Robin said...

Round 3 results:
Cooper v Becker 0-1
Williams v Joachim 1-0

Hildeman v Pokorski 0-1
Sagunsky v Grochowski 1/2

Botchek v Markowski 1/2
Rice v Georgakakis 1-0

Machi v Perelman 1-0
Huiras v Mathur 0-1

Krogmeier v Hogg A 1-0
Wright v Przybylski 1-0

Gopal v Hogg N 1-0
Mhaskar v Chaveriat 1-0